Winter worlds

It has been feeling pretty wintery around here. We’ve had a few dustings of snow and some cold days mixed in with days in the 50s. Very New England. And, I’ve been making Tiny Worlds, because, you know, they were started and in a bin and I am cleaning my studio *wink wink*

A big one and a littler one. These cups come from the thrift store and it is hard to find cups that work for the winter scenes. I wouldn’t use a flowery cup for one of these and cups decorated with flowers are the most common. Sometimes they don’t come with saucers, in case you are wondering.

I will be putting these into my etsy shop at the end of the week- I have a few more in progress and I want to do it all together.

Reminder- I won’t be doing any markets this December. If you are interested in anything you see here you can email me directly at or check out my etsy shop.