It’s give-away time!

Lilla gave me a copy of her book to give away. And, she signed and decorated the front page too- so pretty!

2:26:bookI know I mentioned the book already but I have been leisurely reading it, thinking about what she says and doing some of the prompts. I love this book. As I read along I think to myself- I do that too! or I think that too! And (maybe) I thought I was the only one. I remember a similar feeling when I first discovered podcasts and listened to loads of artist interviews. I felt so connected to people I didn’t know and amazed at our similar experiences and ways of thinking about the work.

Lilla is teaching an e-course which is an expansion on the book- all about the art markets, making work that sells, all her secret (art) agent wisdom. Check it out here.

So, if you want to be in on the give-away, leave a comment here. Anyone can enter- I’ll foot the bill for shipping wherever you are. The comment has to be on the blog- if you get the email, click over to comment. One entry per person. The giveaway will close on Sunday, March 3 at midnight est. I’ll do the random number generator thing on Monday, March 4. Good luck!

after a few comments I want to be clear- this is not a craft book, it is a book about the business of making art. You can check out the description on Amazon.

71 thoughts on “It’s give-away time!

  1. Please enter me in the give away for the book. It would be wonderful to have a copy signed and decorated by Lilla. Thank you so much for the opportunity. an

  2. I just saw Lilla Rogers book today. I was so interested in your work that was included in her book. i came right home and looked you up.My daughter and I are both artists and would find this book very helpful.Your work is wonderful!

  3. Mimi … just discovered your beautiful dolls when glancing through Lilla Rogers new book, “I just like to make things”, at my local bookstore. Sadly, I cannot afford to purchase the book right now but remembered your name, went straight to the computer and found your site when I got home. I’d have to say your tattoo dolls are my favourite; they are just so creative (why didn’t I think of that!). It would seem that it is truly synchronicity, if I were to win this book give-away … Lilla leads me to Mimi and Mimi leads me to Lilla … how cool would that be!

  4. Very cool to offer it as a give away – I would love to have it.
    Thank you.

  5. I would LOVE to have this book! I’ve been out of the craft business for too many years, due to battling serious illness. I’d like to get back into it again, but the world has changed.

  6. It is a secret dream to be able to create and sell what I create. Not so secret now.
    Thank you for the opportunity to be in the give-away.

  7. This book is just what I’ve been needing. I’d love to have a signed copy. Thanks Mimi for the chance to win it.

  8. Thank you for giving away this book, I would like to have it, even though I am just beginner! :)

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