Lumberjack 2- woodsy colors

5:6:lumberjack2fHe is all earth tones and the colors of the forest.


I made his beard out of 2 layers of sweater ribbing and I’m pretty excited about that.

5:6:lumberjack2aHere he is without his (faux fur) hat. And you can see his 2-man saw which is made of 2mm felt. It has a wire in the crosspiece so it will hold its shape.

5:6:lumberjack2c5:6:lumberjack2e5:6:lumberjack2dAnd on the wall-


12 thoughts on “Lumberjack 2- woodsy colors

  1. O.M.G. the beard is phenomenal. your ideas blow me away! it looks so……beardy? love love love the two man saw.

  2. The beard is awesome! The two tiered effect is perfect! Love the hat too. And the saw. And the plaid shirt. I love the whole thing, dang it! :)

  3. He is so tweedy, I could just eat him up. The best detail is the back of the neck – not sure why – but he seem so real there, so manly but kind of vulnerable, so lumberjacky.

  4. Just when I think your work can’t get any better, BAM! You make something that is a homerun in all aspects. Love the beard, love the hat, love the saw, and as if that wasn’t enough, he is in my favorite colors and favorite pattern (plaid). Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I feel truly honored.

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