Lumberjack 3- with tattoos

Remember this fine fellow? I wanted to try a slimmer version. Well actually maybe 5 or so was how many I cut out and sewed up before I was all done. I’ll get to them all eventually.

5:8:lumberjack3aThe thing is, I had a pile of dyed toile scraps that were not enough for a tattooed man or woman but just right for the smaller amount this design needs. And I’d saved them because I liked them enough that I couldn’t just throw them away. Perfect!

5:8:lumberjack3bI had fun with this beard too. It is made of an alpaca sweater bit- they get shaggy-edged when I wash them.

5:8:lumberjack3cCashmere hat, felt axe, Pendleton wool shirt, high lace-up boots, suspenders.

5:8:lumberjack3d5:8:lumberjack3eThe toile I used had scenes from Robinson Crusoe on it- he has a very odd furry man on his chest. The rest of that fabric got used on this guy.


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  1. I saw your work some time ago and just recently found you again. That old www is a morass I tell you! Anyhow, I love how neat and tidy these lumberjacks are. They look like they are cleaned up and ready to go into town for some fun.

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