sad pug

Well, the pug isn’t sad. I am. I sewed up this fellow, turned him then stuffed him. I sewed on his face, his scarf and his buttons. And then I held him out to admire him and…

6:19:pug2aCan you see it? There is a yellowish line about an inch down from the edge of his jacket. That’s a problem with working with recycled materials- they have a history to show. The line looks to me like a hem line and it is not going to come out. It is more of a wear line than a stain. If I’d noticed earlier I could have cut around the mark. Oh well. Everything does not come out perfectly. That is what handmade is all about.

6:19:pug2b6:19:pug2c6:19:pug2dI still think he is totally adorable. I am just not sure what I’ll do with him.


2 thoughts on “sad pug

  1. He is still adorable. Even real animals sometimes have odd markings. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality, you could sell him at a discount, just be up front about the line. It would give someone who might not normally be able to, the opportunity to own one of your lovely dolls

  2. How about a brawny wee kilt to match his scarf, or maybe some spots? And a sporran! Err. okay, He’s not a scottie. Well. How about some shorts?

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