fox with a wallet

8:25:fox 5

I figured that if a fox had money it would probably be shaped like leaves. The wallet fits into the jacket pocket.

8:25:fox 6

8:25:fox 2

He has a watch too.

8:25:fox 4

And a vest made from some of my favorite vintage fabric- one of my Dad’s old summer shirts. The buttons are wonderful tiny antiques.

8:25:fox 7

8:25:fox 1

8:25:fox 3

8:25:fox 8

5 thoughts on “fox with a wallet

  1. I saw the wallet and immediately thought, but what would be money for a fox? Leaves! Of course!

  2. You have outdone yourself with the details on the last few foxes. Really great! I hope you are having lots of fun making them.

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