herringbone dog

I’ve got a new camera- Canon EOS Rebel T3 and I am happy so far! Yes I am in the learning stages but I’ve figured out enough to take these photos for this post. Knowing myself so well, I may never move on from there.






In case you are interested, this was my camera choice reasoning.

-I am predisposed to Canon because that’s what I’ve been using for lots of years now and I understand what the icons stand for and other basic usage info.

-I wanted a camera with a better lens. The G10 I was using seemed fine for a long time until I started noticing the distortions at the top and bottom of the pics. Once I’d noticed it, I saw it in every photo I took.

-I no longer care that it is so big. When I walk around and take photos these days, I am using my phone. This camera will be for product shots.

-It was the same price or cheaper than any of the point-and-shoots I was looking at.

I bought it at a real camera store because I “needed” it immediately. Really, I was just completely over my other camera. I can return it if I need to (2 weeks) and I can go back and ask questions.

And, one last thing. After the camera store, I went to visit the new Land Of Nod pop-up shop in the Boston area. It was so much fun to see my doggies in person! And the mermaids too!


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  1. Good for you Mimi! I know some cameras today can be kind of intimidating with all the icons & menus! I took a course to learn how to use mine & lots of times I still just use auto. Is that bad? LOL! Looks like the photos you took turned out great. Love the new dog, he’s sweet! :)

  2. I think that you are going to love your new camera more and more as the weeks go by. What fun to see your designs for sale in a real store like Land of Nod. Congratulations!

  3. Mimi, I just saw your Land of Nod doggies in an insert of the latest Crate and Barrel catalog and I said to myself “That’s Mimi’s work. I know her!” Great to see you’re getting good coverage. Congratulations.

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