winter baby

Yes, I am completely snowed under. It is impossible to describe how awful it is because really, it looks kinda pretty, right?


But we are all dealing with freezing cold temps, ice dams and leaking roofs, terrible roads and sidewalks, interspersed with perfect ones like this (ours, thank you Ben!). No parking anywhere, traffic jams, broken down mass transit. Giant snowdrifts that make every corner, whether you are driving or walking across the street, a potentially deadly blind spot. Coming up next, flooding. Everybody is stressed and cranky. I can’t wait until spring but it is going to be a while yet.

That’s our car in the driveway.


But, I am very thankful that I work at home. And I have gotten some things done. I have 2 babies to show you (another tomorrow), that I put together in December but never got around to finishing. Hello Baby!

2:20:baby 1b

2:20:baby 1c

2:20:baby 1d

2:20:baby 1a

4 thoughts on “winter baby

  1. Our daughter Lindsey (who lives in Boston) came to visit us here in Vermont a few weekends ago to “escape” the winter. Now that’s just crazy! Stay cozy Mimi, and may Mother Nature cut all of you a break soon…

  2. This baby is so sweet. Love love love the hat. I am in Seattle and we are distressed by our lack of winter. Hang in there

  3. Greetings from the land of down-under. How delightful. Hope it is not too cold there and that springs finds you soon.

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