Orange and black kitty

3:21:kitty 4a

She was a real challenge. The faces are the hardest part since they carry the personality. This fabric, with it’s bold pattern, overwhelms the details. Also, I had some idea when I cut out the kitty- the bold fabric with a black top- but I apparently forgot what the vision was when I went to finish her up. It was a challenge to find the right colors and fabrics that did not scream Halloween. I need to get better about noting down these inspirations so I actually remember them!

3:21:kitty 4b

3:21:kitty 4c

And here she is in front of some of our Christmas decorations. The garland was finally uncovered enough that I could take it down!

3:21:kitty 4d

I am going to be away next week and will be putting my Etsy shop on vacation mode while I am away. That will include the patterns, in case you need to rush over and buy one!


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  1. I loved the new kitties. This one has a beautiful fabric for her skirt. The blue-green one reminds me of fresh spring plants. Happy dance :)

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