Mushroom Hunter Fox

A well-fed mushroom hunter-

11-16-fox mushrooms - 1

He is dressed and ready for an afternoon in the forest. He has his backpack/collecting bag on his back.

11-16-fox mushrooms - 1 (2)

What is in his bag? So far it has been a good day-

11-16-fox mushrooms - 1 (5)

11-16-fox mushrooms - 1 (1)

11-16-fox mushrooms - 1 (3)

He is made of a reclaimed wool sweater and as is common with many of the knits, he ended up being quite a chubby fellow once he was stuffed and finished. I love the variety of shapes and sizes that I get by using a range of fabrics.

11-16-fox mushrooms - 1 (4)

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