Bright Baby 2

Another very bright baby. I love these colors.

2-22-baby 4 - 1

All of these babies are coming out to Los Angeles with me as samples for my class. My etsy shop is closed for now (2/22- 3/5) but I will add them to the shop when I get back.

2-22-baby 4 - 4

2-22-baby 4 - 7

2-22-baby 4 - 2

2-22-baby 4 - 3

2-22-baby 4 - 5

2-22-baby 4 - 6

2-22-baby 4 - 8

2 thoughts on “Bright Baby 2

  1. Mimi, I think the babies are my favorites (but gosh, I love the foxes and the lumberjacks and the kitties and…) This is just so dang fun. Hope you have a blast in LA.

  2. I am in major LOVE with that blue baby – Glorious stitchery and colors. :-)

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