Fox Girl with Aqua Sweater

3-29-fox 5 - 1

I take apart/cut up cashmere sweaters from the thrift store to make these sweaters for my foxes. I wash the cashmere but it stays soft and drapey, perfect for the way I use it. On this one, I cut out the sweater pieces so that the original sweater’s ribbing could get used for my little fox sweater. Then, I took off a ruffle that went all the way around the original sweater’s button front and neckline and sewed it on for this sweet girl. Now she has the fancy sweater! Also a silk bow.

3-29-fox 5 - 3

3-29-fox 5 - 2

3-29-fox 5 - 4

And a Liberty lawn dress.

3-29-fox 5 - 6

3-29-fox 5 - 5