two more owls- 7 & 8

One is brown-

6-27-brown owl 78 - 1

He is super soft. The dark brown of his body is some kind of cashmere blend. The tummy herringbone is also cashmere. The boucle wings and hood are a blend of wool and alpaca and I’m not sure what but it is nice and pet-able.

6-27-brown owl 78 - 2

6-27-brown owl 78 - 3

This one looks brownish from a distance but is actually a blend of lots of colors.

6-27-brown owl 78 - 4

Red, purple, black, brown, cream…

6-27-brown owl 78 - 5

See those wings? They are an amazing pattern of lilac and brown. I was really happy to find a use for that scrap.

6-27-brown owl 78 - 6

6-27-brown owl 78 - 7

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