Shaggy Professor Fox

7-9-fox 3 - 4

He is a shaggy, rather absent-minded professor. But he has some fabulous clothes!

7-9-fox 3 - 1He is made of Harris tweed that I bought many years ago. It is a coarse, textured wool. You can see in this close-up-

7-9-fox 3 - 5

He has a Liberty of London lawn vest-

7-9-fox 3 - 2

Back view-

7-9-fox 3 - 7

Elbow patches, of course-

7-9-fox 3 - 8

And, his briefcase,

7-9-fox 3 - 9

full of his scholarly papers.

7-9-fox 3 - 3

7-9-fox 3 - 6

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