3 Owls

I made some owls this weekend. These 3 were all ready to go- I’d cut out all the pieces before the DC show but ran out of time to finish them. I only had to do the most fun part- stitching all the pieces in place!

I think of this one as my 70′s owl. I might have had some pants made of that brown plaid in 1970, or at least something very similar!

5-27-owl 1 - 1

5-27-owl 1 - 2

5-27-3 owls - 2

This one has lots of great textures.

5-27-owl 2 - 1

5-27-owl 2 - 2

5-27-3 owls - 1

And lastly, this very serious fellow.

5-27-owl 3 - 2

I had fun with my variegated threads, stitching around his eyes.

5-27-owl 3 - 1

5-27-3 owls - 3

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