Fancy Fox, out for an evening

4-26-fox 3 - 1

This is the third and last of the foxes that I finished before the show. All of these foxes are available if you are interested in getting one before I manage to do the etsy listing… which will be soon-ish? In the next few days? Anyway, the foxes are $225 (for now, going up to $250 when I get around to editing all the postings on etsy) with free shipping. Email me- if interested.

4-26-fox 3 - 2

Sweet face with textured knit wool shawl, formerly an Eileen Fisher sweater! And a star purse. The dress is Liberty lawn.

4-26-fox 3 - 3

4-26-fox 3 - 4

4-26-fox 3 - 2 (1)

4-26-fox 3 - 1 (1)

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