Japanese Merman #2

5-12-merman 2 - 1

This is the second of the choices for the “skin/tattoos”. I have no idea what any of that kanji means. This body pattern is the same as the first: small side fins and a back fin.

5-12-merman 2 - 7

5-12-merman 2 - 4

I tried something different for the hair.

5-12-merman 2 - 5

5-12-merman 2 - 6


5-12-merman 2 - 3

and back-

5-12-merman 2 - 8


5-12-merman 2 - 2

5-12-merman 2 - 9

2 thoughts on “Japanese Merman #2

  1. Ooooooh I definitely like this one. Counting all the pennies I have to see if I can swing the investment – please tell me he’ll go up in your Etsy shop!

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