Kitty Girl #2

2-1-kitty 2 - 1 (1)

A kitty school girl in a dress made from more fabric from my Mom’s stash. This dress fabric is (probably) 70′s vintage lawn. It was one of my mom’s unfinished projects- all cut out but never sewed up. I love being able to give it a new life.

2-1-kitty 2 - 2

She has a school bag, a cabled cashmere sweater with heart buttons and a ruffle edge, and a lacy shawl.

2-1-kitty 2 - 3

2-1-kitty 2 - 4

2-1-kitty 2 - 6

What’s in her school bag?

2-1-kitty 2 - 5

2-1-kitty 2 - 1

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