woodland fox

I know ALL foxes ought to be woodland foxes but this one is especially so.

4:20:woodland fox 1

She has an embroidered felt vest. It closes with laces. I didn’t take it off and show the dress because the dress top is plain and the laces are fussy to get just right.

4:20:woodland fox 2

4:20:woodland fox 3

I love this spiderweb-by knit shawl. Perfect for her.

4:20:woodland fox

In her basket-

4:20:woodland fox 6

And without her shawl on-

4:20:woodland fox 7

4:20:woodland fox 5

lots and lots and lots

So much going on and nothing getting finished- yet.

I posted here about first steps of tattooed people and fish, moving along with the foxes. That is still happening.

A week ago I spent a day dyeing.

4:15:dye 1

I started out with some prints that I over-dye for hair.

4:15:dye 2

Then ALL those tattooed bodies.

4:15:dye 3

It was many pots worth. I was very tired by the end of the day. Then, next day I ironed them all and put them back in their bin. Soon I will start cutting out all the rest of their pieces.

I sewed faces on 9 foxes-


and started in on the clothes-

4:15:fox 3

But I got a bit distracted trying to choose fabrics for dresses. I ended up spending a morning sorting through all my fabric drawers, pulling things out that called to me and in another pile, to get rid of.

4:15:fox 2

Then, somehow, not really sure how this happens, I started sewing the fish mentioned in that link above. And now, 2 1/2 days later, all 29 are sewed up and waiting to be finished.

4:15:fish 1

They will trickle out a few at a time over this year.

And lastly, Sweet Paul was in town last week and had a signing for his new book- so fun to meet up in my neck of the woods!


Of course I bought my very own copy of his new book- Sweet Paul Eat and Make: Charming Recipes and Kitchen Crafts You Will Love and had it signed. I need an occasion to make the World’s Best Cake! Anyway, I’m keeping very busy and soon lots of finished pieces will start to appear!

pug time

Hurray for something getting finished! I am feeling very far behind right now so I checked how many dolls I’d made by this point last year- yep, I’m behind. Last year on this date I posted #29- 2013 doll. These pugs are #20 and #21- 2014. Not too bad but still need to do some catch up.

4:3:black pug 1

This fellow is made of black cashmere and a wool plaid shirt that I bought at the thrift store- my son got first dibs on it but he passed. Now, a new life! And a wool felt bow tie.

4:3:black pug 2

4:3:black pug 3

4:3:black pug 4

She is cashmere body, beige and black, vintage wool plaid shirt and cashmere knit skirt. I used some gorgeous wool felt from A Child’s Dream, recommended by Salley Mavor. I bought an assortment pack of hand dyed felt right after Christmas but this is the first time I’ve used any. I love it- it is softer to the touch than my standard felt and also softer color. Uh-oh, might have to buy some more!

4:3:plaid pug 1

4:3:plaid pug 2

4:3:plaid pug 3

4:3:plaid pug 4

If you are interested in either of these pugs, they are $100 ea + shipping. Email me at mimik@pobox.com. There will be more pugs tomorrow!

lots and lots of WIPs

My etsy shop is bare and I am trying to get my inventory back up before show season. I’ve started working on many, many new pieces. Step one, cut out the parts. With the tattooed dolls this means the pieces that need to be dyed- the “skin” parts.

3:29:wip 1

3:29:wip 2

3:29:wip 3

I cut and cut and kept cutting. I now have a LOT of bodies, ready for the next step- dyeing.

3:29:wip 6

After I have these all dyed, then I cut out all the other pieces. Then construction starts.

Next I pulled out all my bins of wool and my fish pattern-

3:29:wip 4

and now there are 29 fish cut out and ready to move forward.

3:29:wip 5

And I am moving forward on foxes, already sewn. I’m stuffing them and next come the faces.

3:29:wip 7

And I’m sewing up some pugs. Yep, I’m all over the place. That’s why nothing is getting finished but things are moving forward all over the place. Hopefully something will get done this week.

shaggy owl

You’d think I’d be done with owls for a while, wouldn’t you. This one was waiting on my desk when I got back to the studio. I just had to finish him up.

3:21:owl a

3:21:owl b

3:21:owl c

Do you know what he is sitting next to in this pic? Snowdrops! Hurray! Spring might actually be on the way!

3:21:owl d

And here is my pile-o-owls on the sofa.

3:21:owl e