and the rest of the fish, 5, 6, and 7

5-16-fish 567 - 1

Now there are 7 fish and I will be needing to cut out some more soon. The fish are all about choosing colors, fabrics, textures. The sewing and finishing are easy once those decisions are made. These fish are all made from my Fresh Fish pattern if you are inspired to try some of your own.

5-16-fish 567 - 4

5-16-fish 567 - 3

5-16-fish 567 - 2

And now here is ALL the fish, piled up on the sofa!

5-16-fish 567 - 5

Snowy Owl and the Smithsonian Craft Show

I’m back at home and my to-do list is long! I have to catch up posting all the dolls I finished before the show. The last owl was a snowy owl. And, btw, all the owls found new homes!

4-27-owls 10 - 1

4-27-owls 10 - 3

4-27-owls 10 - 2

The Smithsonian Craft Show was amazing! It was such an honor to be part of this event. Here is a photo looking down on my booth from the 2nd floor.

5-1-smithsonian - 1

And here is a front view from the first day of the show.

5-1-smithsonian - 2

By Sunday, my booth was looking a lot different. I am learning that the tattooed people are not big sellers at the fine craft shows but everything else was popular. I was filling the spaces with whatever I could. I am going to have to get busy to fill my inventory and shop again. I am lucky to have that “problem”!