Little Girl Adventure Day

10-13-girl walker - 1

A lot of the girl dolls I make are all dressed up and ready to party. Sometimes It’s fun to dress for the messy, get-your-feet-dirty times. I gave this sweet girl clothing that will take her out for a day of adventuring.

10-13-girl walker - 2

10-13-girl walker - 3

10-13-girl walker - 4

She has a day pack with some fun-day essentials.

10-13-girl walker - 6

10-13-girl walker - 5

Here is what she looks like under her shirt- a white onesie.

10-13-girl walker - 7

10-13-girl walker - 1 (1)

Little Girl- Purple and Green

10-8-girl 3 - 1

This sweet girl is made with beige cashmere. It was my mom’s favorite fabric in her last decade or so of sewing and I love that I’m still using up her left-overs.

10-8-girl 3 - 2

Her cardigan is made from a repurposed vintage cashmere sweater. Add she has a lacy knit scarf around her neck.

10-8-girl 3 - 3

10-8-girl 3 - 7

10-8-girl 3 - 4

10-8-girl 3 - 6

10-8-girl 3 - 5

Little Witch

10-4-little witch - 1

Very seasonal for October, right? You may or may not know that I listen to audio when I work; mostly audiobooks but also podcasts. I recently listened to a fantasy book, Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw, and loved it. The main character is Greta and she is described as very pale with white blond hair. The descriptions in books can get caught up in the spiderweb that is my brain and appear in whatever I am working on.

10-4-little witch - 2

10-4-little witch - 4

10-4-little witch - 6

She is wearing a dark grey cashmere sweater with antique knitted lace at the collar and a fancy antique button. She has a grey lacy scarf knotted around her neck.

10-4-little witch - 3

10-4-little witch - 8

Her bag is full of important things- notebooks, mushrooms, coins.

10-4-little witch - 7

10-4-little witch - 5

Winter is ahead! Snowy Tiny Worlds

9-6-tiny worlds 8 9 - 1

I am not ready to think about winter yet, that’s for sure! Only fantasy winter.

9-6-tiny worlds 8 9 - 2

9-6-tiny worlds 8 9 - 4

9-6-tiny worlds 8 9 - 3

In my not-art life, I am enjoying our first fall weather. The dahlias are thriving, the sedum are blooming and covered in bees, and the asters are starting to show some color. I hope everyone is safe from any hurricane weather.

By pure happenstance, this dahlia (which was simply labeled pink) is matching the hydrangea that I planted it next to!

9-6-tiny worlds 8 9 - 1 (1)