and the last!

One last dog- a girl, and all the knits!

She is made of a tweedy brown sweater, she is wearing a Fair Isle sweater, her skirt and shawl are cashmere. She is #14 dog of 2016. That was a very big litter of pups!

4-6-dog 14 - 1 (3)

4-6-dog 14 - 1 (4)

4-6-dog 14 - 1 (1)

4-6-dog 14 - 1 (2)


And a boy again

I love making the berets!

4-3-dog 11 - 1 (3)

4-3-dog 11 - 1

He has little black french knot “buttons” although you can hardly see them. His ears are super-soft angora blend.

4-3-dog 11 - 1 (1)

4-3-dog 11 - 1 (2)

orange girl dog

3-30-dog 7 - 1 (3)

Yes, she really is quite orange/red!

3-30-dog 7 - 1 (1)

She has also got a cashmere skirt.

3-30-dog 7 - 1

3-30-dog 7 - 1 (2)

I haven’t been putting any of these pups into my Etsy shop yet because I am going to LA next week and will be pulling all the dolls out of my shop since I won’t be around to ship them. If you see one that you are interested in, send me an email- and I will send you all the details. Also, if you have some great LA advise, I’d love to hear it!

golden girl dog

3-29-dog 6 - 1

It has been many years since I cleared the fabric from my Mom’s attic, but I am still using it. This orange-y tweedy plaid was hers. She had made a suit with it, I seem to remember. Now, new life to the scraps.

3-29-dog 6 - 1 (1)

3-29-dog 6 - 1 (2)

3-29-dog 6 - 1 (3)

head-in-the-clouds fox girl

2-6-foxgirl3 - 1

I love the bird in the clouds fabric of her dress. It is an organic cotton by Cloud9 and Skinny laMinx. I decided she needed a blue coat and white shawl to continue the sky theme.

2-6-foxgirl3 - 1 (4)

She has some knitting in her basket. Can’t leave home without a project, right?!

2-6-foxgirl3 - 1 (1)

2-6-foxgirl3 - 1 (2)

2-6-foxgirl3 - 1 (3)

I will be putting these 3 girls onto etsy today, if you are interested.

the explorer fox

1-12-fox 6 - 1 (3)

I labeled him an explorer but he might just be a tourist. He has a Guidebook-

1-12-fox 6 - 1 (1)

and a map. Here he is in the window display, leading the walk of the foxes.

1-12-fox 6 - 1 (5)

1-12-fox 6 - 1

1-12-fox 6 - 1 (4)

1-12-fox 6 - 1 (2)

I had to take these latest photos in very poor light because I knew they had to get into the window display. As a result, they are a bit fuzzy but that’s better than nothing, right?


Winter fox girl 2

Another fox girl in a warm wool coat.

1-10-fox 4 - 1 (1)

I love the bird fabric- I bought it in Portland last summer.

1-10-fox 4 - 1

Silk ribbon bow at her ear-

1-10-fox 4 - 1 (2)

1-10-fox 4 - 1 (3)

1-10-fox 4 - 1 (4)

I set up the fox window at Gather Here in Cambridge (Massachusetts). Stop by if you want to see them in person! I will be going back when it isn’t pouring down rain and take photos and will do a post sometime soon.

2015 round-up continued

I didn’t get as many dolls finished in 2015 as 2014 and there are many reasons. At the end of 2014 I decided that my resolution for the New Year would be to try to get to the end of the year and not feel so completely crazy (stressed). I wasn’t actually sure how to accomplish that so I worked away and mixed it up with trying new things.

1-5-2015 - 1

I started out 2015 by doing my prototypes for the 2015 ornaments for West Elm and went to Brooklyn to deliver them. Any excuse to go to NYC! And in October I designed the next line for 2016. It has been really exciting that they have continued my line of ornaments.

I traveled a LOT this year. Some of the trips were awesomely fun, others ended up being very stressful- so I guess I’ll be testing out more of the traveling this year, right?! I went to New York City and/or Brooklyn 5 times in 2015! I saw Mr. Finch! I went to Puerto Rico for some snow relief, Philadelphia for the Sweet Paul Makerie Retreat, an I’d-go-back-in-a-minute week in Portland Oregon, and Chicago. This year I will be heading out to LA in April for Craftcation.

I taught a few classes- Tiny Worlds in January, and Ornaments in July (in Portland) and December in Cambridge.

We had that horrible winter and I am hoping to never see anything like that again.

I published 5 ornament patterns and I have so many more that I want to make, so hopefully, more patterns this year! I also had 2 free ornament patterns in the Sweet Paul Holiday issue and I saw a few super cute ones that people had made and posted on Instagram.

I was part of the 6 weeks of Softies over on Sew Mama Sew. I was interviewed by Abby with my friend Salley. And I was honored to be a featured artist in Susan’s book.

What I most obviously didn’t do were any shows. No deadlines and packing up and setting up booths and spending days interacting with customers. I think I needed a year off but I don’t want to leave them completely behind. The shows I was doing weren’t really working for me and what I really need to do is find the right show(s) instead of none.

Onward into the New Year! I don’t have a vision of what I want to focus on this year but not making myself crazy is still a good goal for me. I really want to get to some more of the things on my endless to-do list and to feel like I am doing fresh things and not rehashing old ideas.

I am currently very busy working on a group of foxes for a window display for Gather Here in Cambridge. Pictures starting tomorrow, I hope!