travel and all

I’m trying to get back on track here.

I was away last weekend, visiting my sister in South Carolina- Hi Tina! There was quite a bit of time sitting in airports and on planes so I put together some project bags. I cut out 4 Purl girls. I put the parts for each girl in a separate zip bag. I added the matching floss colors to each bag. In one of the bags I added needles and small scissors. I filled a gallon bag with wool stuffing and some small forceps. I brought tools that I wouldn’t mind losing, in case airport security made a fuss. They didn’t.


It worked out really well. By the time I returned, I had done all I could. That was not because I was finished, but because I had underestimated how much stuffing I’d need! I also underestimated how much floss I needed but I was able to add some from Tina’s stash. All in all, it was an excellent travel project.

We drove to Charleston, SC for a day. I felt very much away from New England- pink houses and palm trees- ah!


We ate some fantastic southern cuisine- like these fried green tomatoes… oops! We’d gobbled them up before I thought to take the photo- so delicious!


We drove to the ocean and walked in the water.


Then, an amazing rainbow on the way back to Columbia.


I am back home now, trying to get my thoughts back to my work.


I am having a really hard time adjusting to the new space. For every hour I work, I seem to spend 2 hours rearranging. I am sure it will settle down soon… I hope?

Let me see- other news. Two weeks in, the son seems to be very happy at Art School. He is home for the weekend. And he now has a tattoo. Um, is this surprising? I guess not. Actually the artwork is very nice.

My brother and sister-in-law have an etsy shop. How fantastic is this card!  So many of my friends and relatives are getting Etsy shops that I need to get my act together and make a page with all their links. Geesh, that list of things I ought to do is so long… yeah, when I have time. OK.