school girl

this girl has just about the opposite look of the last one although they might be friends once they get to college.

She has a lot of pieces. A brown wool skirt, a wool coat, scarf and hat, and a school bag with a buckle and button closures.

Her skirt comes off too.

The coat-

I had a hard time figuring out how to finish the coat. It would have been easy to spend a week on it or make it so bulky that it wouldn’t fit on our girl. I ended up finishing the edge seams with wool felt. It worked pretty well. I made the coat close with thread loops- I am sure that isn’t the right name for them but I am coming up blank and getting no help from google.

Here is a side view- thought you might be interested. I don’t usually photograph this angle but thought she looked very determined.

And here is a back view.

and one last picture- in the garden-