Artist Boy Fox

4-1-fox 8 - 1

He is an artist of the wander-out-in-nature variety. He has a portfolio on a strap, a sketch book inside, and a pencil in his pocket.

4-1-fox 8 - 2

4-1-fox 8 - 3

4-1-fox 8 - 4

He has a cashmere scarf and sweater vest.

4-1-fox 8 - 6

4-1-fox 8 - 5

He is the last fox for now. Next up, tiny world pincushions.

Woodsy Girl

Maybe you are thinking that she looks a little over-dressed for April but it is snowing (again) out my window today. Enough already! I got a little behind with my posting this weekend but with the various holidays I figured it wouldn’t matter. Now, back on track!

3-31-fox 7 - 1

3-31-fox 7 - 2

3-31-fox 7 - 3

3-31-fox 7 - 4

3-31-fox 7 - 6

3-31-fox 7 - 5

Hiker Fox

3-30-fox 6 - 3

A plaid fox because it is the perfect colors.

3-30-fox 6 - 2

He is going out for a hike to do some amateur scientific research.

3-30-fox 6 - 4

Here are his supplies from his backpack- a notebook and pencil, a map, a snack, and a bit of money.

3-30-fox 6 - 6

3-30-fox 6 - 1

3-30-fox 6 - 5

Fox Girl with Aqua Sweater

3-29-fox 5 - 1

I take apart/cut up cashmere sweaters from the thrift store to make these sweaters for my foxes. I wash the cashmere but it stays soft and drapey, perfect for the way I use it. On this one, I cut out the sweater pieces so that the original sweater’s ribbing could get used for my little fox sweater. Then, I took off a ruffle that went all the way around the original sweater’s button front and neckline and sewed it on for this sweet girl. Now she has the fancy sweater! Also a silk bow.

3-29-fox 5 - 3

3-29-fox 5 - 2

3-29-fox 5 - 4

And a Liberty lawn dress.

3-29-fox 5 - 6

3-29-fox 5 - 5

Folk Art-y Fox girl

11-29- fox girl 7 - 1

This is the last fox for now. This fox girl started out with her awesome dress. I love this fabric so much that I had to do a massive internet search to track down some more!

11-29- fox girl 7 - 6

After her dress was finished, it was a challenge to figure out what else she needed. I felt like I was dealing with a fashion-opinionated teenager… although I’m not sure if that describes her or me. I tried a wool coat and a cape before I was happy with this wool felt jacket.

11-29- fox girl 7 - 3

I’ve never made wool felt clothing for my dolls (just details like collars and pockets) but this worked out beautifully and it was fun to try out.

11-29- fox girl 7 - 2

She’s got a picnic-

11-29- fox girl 7 - 5

11-29- fox girl 7 - 4