Woodsy Girl

Maybe you are thinking that she looks a little over-dressed for April but it is snowing (again) out my window today. Enough already! I got a little behind with my posting this weekend but with the various holidays I figured it wouldn’t matter. Now, back on track!

3-31-fox 7 - 1

3-31-fox 7 - 2

3-31-fox 7 - 3

3-31-fox 7 - 4

3-31-fox 7 - 6

3-31-fox 7 - 5

Fox Girl with Aqua Sweater

3-29-fox 5 - 1

I take apart/cut up cashmere sweaters from the thrift store to make these sweaters for my foxes. I wash the cashmere but it stays soft and drapey, perfect for the way I use it. On this one, I cut out the sweater pieces so that the original sweater’s ribbing could get used for my little fox sweater. Then, I took off a ruffle that went all the way around the original sweater’s button front and neckline and sewed it on for this sweet girl. Now she has the fancy sweater! Also a silk bow.

3-29-fox 5 - 3

3-29-fox 5 - 2

3-29-fox 5 - 4

And a Liberty lawn dress.

3-29-fox 5 - 6

3-29-fox 5 - 5

Red hair and pears

Here she is, the last of the bunch.

2-3-girl 7 - 1

2-3-girl 7 - 2

2-3-girl 7 - 4

She has amazing mohair hair. I’m not sure when I acquired the mohair but it was a long time ago. It was in a bag full of possible doll hair fibers, up in the attic. As I sorted through the choices, it was obvious that I’d already used it for hair once before- now I was curious! I went back through all my photos. And back, and back, and back. Right to the very beginning of when I had a digital camera. Here! That is 2001 and some of my first dolls. (And my daughter.) That was before I was blogging, before Flickr, before Facebook and all the rest.

2-3-girl 7 - 1 (2)

Anyway, I used the mohair again and then went back to the fabric hair that I used for the rest of this group of dolls. I haven’t figured out a way to use the yarn fibers in a way that I am 100% satisfied with. I like her hair but I’m not sure who is in control here!

2-3-girl 7 - 3

I made her a kitty in a bag.

2-3-girl 7 - 7

Here she is in her underwear,with all her things.

2-3-girl 7 - 6

2-3-girl 7 - 5

russet and olive girl

I love these colors. They make me think of forest and Autumn.

2-2--girl 6 - 1

It was sooooo cold when I went out to take her photos- my hands were numb by the time I finished! She definitely needed her hat and scarf.

2-2--girl 6 - 2

2-2--girl 6 - 3

I gave her shoes a little extra fancy-

2-2--girl 6 - 6

2-2--girl 6 - 5

2-2--girl 6 - 4

red-and-white-sweater girl

1-31-girl 4 - 2

I am having so much fun dressing these girls. This awesome girl has a side-buttoning skirt made from scraps from a shirt I made a few years ago. Her shirt is a Liberty lawn and her cardigan is made from a repurposed thrifted sweater.

1-31-girl 4 - 5

Her hair made from a wool knit (another repurposed thrifted sweater).

1-31-girl 4 - 1

And silk ribbons for a little fancy.

1-31-girl 4 - 6

1-31-girl 4 - 3

1-31-girl 4 - 4