Squirrel Dress 2

Can you believe it? Two different cute little squirrel prints, perfect for my kitties!

6-4-kitty 6 - 1

Or maybe they are chipmunks, now that I am looking again? Close enough, right?

She has a cashmere sweater and the last little bit of a spider-webby lace shawl that I’ve been cutting up for years now.

6-4-kitty 6 - 2

A close-up of her bag-

6-4-kitty 6 - 3

6-4-kitty 6 - 4

6-4-kitty 6 - 1 (1)

6-4-kitty 6 - 5

Kitty in a Castle Dress

6-1-kitty 4 - 2

She is a fancy girl, ready to go out for the night. I know, you aren’t suppose to let the kitties go out at night, but she is certainly prepared!

6-1-kitty 4 - 3

Do you see that trim around the neck of the sweater? It is some very old trim that I had in my stash and was just the perfect accent.

6-1-kitty 4 - 1I wonder about that “Dust Proof” claim. She has a lovely evening bag to go with her outfit.

6-1-kitty 4 - 4

6-1-kitty 4 - 5

6-1-kitty 4 - 7

6-1-kitty 4 - 6

Kitty girl- black, white, and red

12-9-kitty girl bw - 1

I knew we were getting snow today. By the time I finished anything yesterday, it was too dark to take photos. I rushed out this morning to take some pics before the flakes started to fall but even though I was being speedy, I didn’t get all the photos I needed. Now, the snow is so pretty! I can finish the pics tomorrow :-)

12-9-kitty girl bw - 2

12-9-kitty girl bw - 3

12-9-kitty girl bw - 4

12-9-kitty girl bw - 5