photo shoot

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I took some of the dolls to my local park to have some fun photographing them. It wasn’t completely successful- lots of photos with the doll stand showing in a strange way or odd light… but I learned a lot for next time. And there were some that I liked-

And then there was the wildlife!

little red riding hood 3

firstly, woohoo! Small Magazine! I’m here with some fantastic company!

And now, Red Riding Hood 3. This is the last one.

I’m not sure why, but my camera loves grass. If I take a photo with grass in it, all the other colors are perfect!

She has a little bit of over-dyed knitted lace for a collar.  And some sweet embroidery at her waist.

Here she is with her hood up-

When I look at her face, I think- no wolf is going to get the better of her!

I’ve had some people suggest that I make a wolf- probably not going to happen… but I did think about it. And do some sketches.

Little Red Riding Hood

Be a little bit afraid-

She has a cashmere hooded cape, a wool dress with vintage ribbon trim and a cream wool felt collar.

Her basket is wool felt. The dress is made from the sleeves of a sweater.

The basket attaches to the wrist with a hook and eye.

There are a few different photos at Flickr.

I’ve got 2 more Red Riding Hoods to do. They are cut out, stuffed and ready for their handwork.