3 Owls

I made some owls this weekend. These 3 were all ready to go- I’d cut out all the pieces before the DC show but ran out of time to finish them. I only had to do the most fun part- stitching all the pieces in place!

I think of this one as my 70′s owl. I might have had some pants made of that brown plaid in 1970, or at least something very similar!

5-27-owl 1 - 1

5-27-owl 1 - 2

5-27-3 owls - 2

This one has lots of great textures.

5-27-owl 2 - 1

5-27-owl 2 - 2

5-27-3 owls - 1

And lastly, this very serious fellow.

5-27-owl 3 - 2

I had fun with my variegated threads, stitching around his eyes.

5-27-owl 3 - 1

5-27-3 owls - 3

and then there were 2 owls

These were the last 2 dolls I finished before I left. The owls were very popular in DC, as long as they weren’t Snowy Owls- I have 5 of those still! You just never know what people will want.

5-2-owl 1 - 1

5-2-owl 1 - 2

5-2-owl 1 - 3

5-2-owl 2 - 1

5-2-owl 2 - 2

5-2-owl 2 - 3

I am getting back into the studio and I have a list of special requests and projects that will keep me busy through May. I am mulling over my experience in DC. Every time I go out into the world, show my work, interact with people, spend the big bucks to participate; I can’t help but reevaluate everything I am doing. I know I’ll get over it as soon as I am immersed in the work again. Right now though, I am hearing all the weird or negative visitor comments in my head. Many people don’t understand or respect the fiber arts and their comments reflect that.

Things I don’t need to hear-

I saw something exactly like this at a craft show I went to last week.

I used to make dolls exactly like these 20 years ago.

My mom makes Raggedy Anns.

Can you donate one of your dolls to my cause.

And so many more, Oh well, time to get back to work!

more owls

3-29-2 owls 3 - 1 (1)

I liked the embroidery on the snowy owl so I gave the brown owl an XXX tummy too.

3-29-2 owls 3 - 1

3-29-2 owls 3 - 2

3-29-2 owls 3 - 3

Some flowers and lots of green leaves are starting to burst forth in the garden. I’m so excited!

and here are some snowier snowy owls

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 6

This one-

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 1

Wool knit sweater body, angora wings and alpaca tummy patch.

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 1 (1)

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 2

This other one-

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 4

Soft wool body and cable knit wings.

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 5

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 3

If any of these owls inspire you, I have a pattern available here if you are moved to try and make your own. I won’t be adding anything to the Etsy shop now until after I return from my San Francisco show. That should be the 2nd week of August.

Not Quite Snowy Owls

Light colors but not snowy whites.

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 1

I got this zig-zag wool a long time ago and I’ve never figured out what to use it for. It was a midi skirt and I bought it at a thrift store in Ithaca, NY. Eventually I figure out where these pieces go.

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 3

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 2

This one is all about the soft textures. It is made of angora, alpaca, and some wool.

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 5

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 6

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 4

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 7

Orange Owls

Whenever I am making orange owls, I think to myself, Here we go, back to the 70′s!

And this one is especially 70′s reminiscent because that BROWN PLAID! I might have had a jumper with fabric like that? I think every girl did.

6-28-brown owl 910 - 2

6-28-brown owl 910 - 1

Oh, the 70′s. Think disco and bell bottoms. In plaid.

This one is all about the shaggy textures.

6-28-brown owl 910 - 3

Some embroidery on the wing.

6-28-brown owl 910 - 4

And even more shaggy.

6-28-brown owl 910 - 5

6-28-brown owl 910 - 6

All the textures.

6-28-brown owl 910 - 7

6-28-brown owl 910 - 8

two more owls- 7 & 8

One is brown-

6-27-brown owl 78 - 1

He is super soft. The dark brown of his body is some kind of cashmere blend. The tummy herringbone is also cashmere. The boucle wings and hood are a blend of wool and alpaca and I’m not sure what but it is nice and pet-able.

6-27-brown owl 78 - 2

6-27-brown owl 78 - 3

This one looks brownish from a distance but is actually a blend of lots of colors.

6-27-brown owl 78 - 4

Red, purple, black, brown, cream…

6-27-brown owl 78 - 5

See those wings? They are an amazing pattern of lilac and brown. I was really happy to find a use for that scrap.

6-27-brown owl 78 - 6

6-27-brown owl 78 - 7

2 Brown owls

First is a herringbone owl-

6-26-brown owl 56 - 1

Herringbone body and herringbone ears.

6-26-brown owl 56 - 2

The second owl with woven patterns, this one with houndstooth and ? I don’t know if the weave on the hood has a name.

6-26-brown owl 56 - 3

6-26-brown owl 56 - 4

6-26-brown owl 56 - 5

Here they are, out in the garden.

6-26-brown owl 56 - 6