shaggy owl

You’d think I’d be done with owls for a while, wouldn’t you. This one was waiting on my desk when I got back to the studio. I just had to finish him up.

3:21:owl a

3:21:owl b

3:21:owl c

Do you know what he is sitting next to in this pic? Snowdrops! Hurray! Spring might actually be on the way!

3:21:owl d

And here is my pile-o-owls on the sofa.

3:21:owl e

dark owl

I am leaving for a weekend in NYC tomorrow. I am SO excited to be part of the first Sweet Paul Makerie Retreat. I am teaching 3 owl classes so this week has been very busy and very owl focused.





I’ve been spending a bunch of time working on some clothes too. That’s what I do when I have to leave the house and be sociable. I’ll post about that next week when I’m back.

wow- 6 owls!

In between all the Tiny Worlds!

Two greys-

11:25:2 owls


One orange scrappy-

11:25:orange owl

and 3 Snowy Owls!

11:25:snowy owls

Some of these will go in my Etsy shop but not all. Two are already flying out to Illinois to be part of a Land Of Nod pop-up shop on November 30 in Rockford, Illinois. At least one other is slated for another project. But I have a few more partially finished that might be done in the next month. I will keep you informed when I get things listed.

Orange Owl

7:4:orangeowl aIn case you are wondering or have noticed how many pieces are getting cranked out around here, I am building up my inventory for shows in the next few months. What is specifically driving me right now is San Francisco Renegade.


Last year’s show was so exciting and amazing- really, the best show I’ve ever done. If it is even close to that, I will be very happy! So, I’m stocking up on all the goodies to make sure I have a good selection of characters and prices. And, since I’m so distracted by the show prep, I don’t have the time right now to put the new items in my Etsy shop. If you see something you like, just send me a message and I’ll give you all the info.

7:4:orangeowl b

7:4:orangeowl c

7:4:orangeowl d