shaggy owl

You’d think I’d be done with owls for a while, wouldn’t you. This one was waiting on my desk when I got back to the studio. I just had to finish him up.

3:21:owl a

3:21:owl b

3:21:owl c

Do you know what he is sitting next to in this pic? Snowdrops! Hurray! Spring might actually be on the way!

3:21:owl d

And here is my pile-o-owls on the sofa.

3:21:owl e

dark owl

I am leaving for a weekend in NYC tomorrow. I am SO excited to be part of the first Sweet Paul Makerie Retreat. I am teaching 3 owl classes so this week has been very busy and very owl focused.





I’ve been spending a bunch of time working on some clothes too. That’s what I do when I have to leave the house and be sociable. I’ll post about that next week when I’m back.

wow- 6 owls!

In between all the Tiny Worlds!

Two greys-

11:25:2 owls


One orange scrappy-

11:25:orange owl

and 3 Snowy Owls!

11:25:snowy owls

Some of these will go in my Etsy shop but not all. Two are already flying out to Illinois to be part of a Land Of Nod pop-up shop on November 30 in Rockford, Illinois. At least one other is slated for another project. But I have a few more partially finished that might be done in the next month. I will keep you informed when I get things listed.

Orange Owl

7:4:orangeowl aIn case you are wondering or have noticed how many pieces are getting cranked out around here, I am building up my inventory for shows in the next few months. What is specifically driving me right now is San Francisco Renegade.


Last year’s show was so exciting and amazing- really, the best show I’ve ever done. If it is even close to that, I will be very happy! So, I’m stocking up on all the goodies to make sure I have a good selection of characters and prices. And, since I’m so distracted by the show prep, I don’t have the time right now to put the new items in my Etsy shop. If you see something you like, just send me a message and I’ll give you all the info.

7:4:orangeowl b

7:4:orangeowl c

7:4:orangeowl d

snowy owl

Sometimes a piece goes smoothly, sometimes it doesn’t. I posted this pic last week on all my social medias.

7:2:snowy owl aOwl on the desk, looking great! Later I went to take photos.

7:2:snowy owl bMaybe it isn’t completely obvious because really, I had to check and double check to confirm what I was seeing. I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing. The black felt around the eyes had bled when I spritzed to get rid of any fabric marker marks and the owl now had blue eye shadow. That was not part of the design. And What? My wool felt had bled? So…

7:2:snowy owl c

I took out the stitches, took off the eyes and the face. I tested my felt. Yes, one piece bled when I got it wet. I have no idea where that particular felt came from versus the second piece I tested that didn’t (phew!) bleed.

New eyes, new face, sewed back on. Photos taken to be posted next day.

7:2:snowy owl d

Something wasn’t right. I kept thinking about it after I went to bed. In the morning, the owl returned to my studio for the third time.

7:2:snowy owl g

And finally! Done! And more photos!

7:2:snowy owl e

7:2:snowy owl f

Sometimes these babies take a little longer to hatch.