make-dos and my tiny worlds

So what are these “make-do” things anyway?

I first heard about a make-do when I got interested in doll-making and was immersed in learning everything I could about vintage and antique cloth dolls. The same people who were talking about the dolls, were interested in all kinds of historical needlearts. The definition I came away with was- a make-do is a pincushion made from a household object that is no longer functional for it’s original purpose- Like a sugar bowl without a lid, a damaged candle stick, a goblet stem with no bowl, or a chipped or cracked cup.

I have been making mine, which I call tiny worlds, in teacups, most of which come from the thrift store. I am also lucky enough to have friends who think of me before they throw out something that I might use- Lucky me! My tiny worlds are made on wool balls, covered with wool fabric and then most of the detail work is done with embroidery and wool felt. It is a wonderful way to use up little pieces and scraps around my studio. And it is so much fun to imagine who lives on the miniature landscape.

I didn’t start out with teacups though. My first make-do was made from a broken goblet. Excuse the photo please- that blog post was from my early blog days, more then 5 years ago! Here are some links to other ones I’ve made and also to a basic tutorial on how to make one for yourself. If you’d like to try your hand at a tiny world make-do, the pattern is available here in my Etsy shop.

etsy update, links

I have finished 2 more tiny worlds so I now have 4 finished. I will be putting them into my etsy shop this afternoon.

the latest 2-

- some great photos of my house from Jen, when she came to the workshop.

- I got profiled over here- I love her very original approach. An art in itself.

- I am thinking about attending the NIADA conference again this year. Anybody else? I hadn’t thought about it, but the other day, I was fixing my website links page (it had disappeared for some mysterious reason) and clicked on the site. I haven’t been to the last 2 and now I am thinking it is time again.

I am going in too many directions these days. My head is full of studio fantasy thoughts, lists of everything that needs to happen in the studio room before it is ready for occupancy (file this in “trials of living in an old house”), dolls, how to do printmaking without a press and stay true to my work… not to mention spring and gardening thoughts… and that is just the top of the pile. So, I end up spending too much time on the computer instead of moving forward with anything!