luna moth baby 2

Another baby with Luna Moth.

2 luna moths. Yesterday morning I posted the other baby. Later in the day I was finishing up the second doll. I wanted to take another look at the photo of the moth that I’d linked to. It is funny how a few hours and photos (instead of what is right in front of my face) can help me to see better. On second look, I wasn’t happy with the way the moth looked. I went back to the studio, picked out the stitching around the moth “tails” and redid it. I am going to do something similar for the first baby too.

When I post photos to my blog and flickr, I am declaring the piece finished. It feels very odd to go back and rework something. Too funny.

Anyway. Here are 2 sweet babies-

I spend a lot of time setting up photos and taking tons, most of which get deleted or are clogging up my iphoto. Here is a reality shot of the dolls around the house- sitting next to me as I type on my laptop.

night baby with luna moth

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Luna Moths for a while now. This photo went by in my Flickr photostream last May and it’s been haunting me. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to fit a luna moth image into what I do. I was worried that moths on babies might have a giant ick factor. I got over it.

The moth and the moon are cashmere- so soft.

leaf and embroidery details-

Baby on a blanket-

I have only seen a Luna Moth once in my life- 30 years ago. I vividly remember the feeling of awe.