Another Big Man

4-19-Big Man 2 - 1

He has a big horse on his chest, I think the whole toile picture might be a fox hunt.

4-19-Big Man 2 - 4

4-19-Big Man 2 - 2

4-19-Big Man 2 - 3

4-19-Big Man 2 - 5

I have a watch on ebay for my name so when someone lists one of my dolls, I get an email. There are several up there now- some really good ones! It makes me sad that my artwork didn’t find it’s forever home (like a pet, sorry but that is how I feel about them). Hopefully someone else can get a bargain and love them. Just put Mimi Kirchner into the search and hopefully that’ll work.

Balloon Man

4-16-tattooman 5 - 1

This toile is designed to look old and kind of faded (I believe?) and I love how it makes my fellow look older and as if he has already lived an interesting life.

4-16-tattooman 5 - 2

Here is a close-up of his hair-

4-16-tattooman 5 - 3

Excellent hot air balloon-

4-16-tattooman 5 - 4

4-16-tattooman 5 - 5

4-16-tattooman 5 - 6

Yesterday we had snow and sleet, plus Patriots’ Day activities which included a road race, a reenactment of one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War, and a parade through town. Brrr. It is very strange to be working with the sound of muskets in the background! Today is Patriots’ Day and it is pouring down rain for the Boston Marathon. We have been in our house for 30 years now and this is the first Patriots’ Day that I can remember where there aren’t any daffodils blooming in front of my house yet. I saw a chart that showed we are 15 to 20 days late for Spring this year.

Big Merman

2-11-merman 1 - 3

A Merman should come after the fish, I am absolutely sure. I am still working through a pile of men that are sewed and stuffed, prepared before Christmas. Little by little, they all come to life.

2-11-merman 1 - 4

I made his beard from a quilting batik fabric.

2-11-merman 1 - 5

This toile- ships and florals.

2-11-merman 1 - 6

His belt-

2-11-merman 1 - 1

2-11-merman 1 - 2