girls in progress

Have I mentioned that I have an intern working for me now? She is helping me cut and stuff. And, knowing that she is going to be with me for an afternoon gets me organized. We are working on girls. And I went a bit nuts… I just got so excited about all the ideas in my head and the colors in my shelves- I now have 15 dolls in progress- Yikes! And there is still a few more in my head… but I am ignoring them until I get some of these done.

Right now, they are in many stages- from all sewed together, with face and hair (just need to do the dress and all those little extras) to cut out in a pile.

After they are cut out, I put the pieces for each doll into an individual ziplock bag. I also put any other fabric I am planning on using for that doll into the bag. As I sew the parts and stuff them, they stay together in their bags until the doll is all together and ready to be dressed. At that point, I like to look at them sitting around the studio. In the photo below, you can see one doll that is mostly finished and then all the plastic bags.

Hopefully I will have some finished girls to show you soon.

projects this wednesday

well, I can’t post a picture of the project I just finished because it is a birthday present and I just mailed it out today- so I will post pictures when I know it has arrived. But, there is always something else.

I’m thinking about glasses and nerdy girls.

And, the studio project creeps forward. This was from last weekend-

And now- look what was delivered today! I found this ten drawer flat file at a recycle place in Boston called Extras for Creative Learning. I brought some supplies over last week to donate and had a big score! It needs a little cleaning up and some paint, but it is helping me think about how I will be organizing my new space. Also, giving me some more incentive to keep moving forward.

Another thing- have you ever heard that expression- “Nature abhors a vacuum”? Well, I think artists’ abhor open spaces- well empty tabletops anyway. I cleared most of the stuff out of the room to work on it, but somehow I seem to have started a new art project in there… I’m going to have to go back in there and rein things in again!

specializing in wips

wips- work in progress. or maybe ufos- unfinished objects. Anyway, they are piling up.

These 2… I am trying out a potential dress piece on one- orange cashmere. The other, going nowhere yet.

Now this one- she was going really well. Then I started in on the coat and got bogged down. She is looking just right, just what I had in mind, but there are technical issues. How to finish the coat properly…

And this one- she was suppose to be the partner of my mermaid dress girl. Guess I’ve gotten side-tracked. I am pretty sure I know what I’m going to do with her hair though…

This morning I started in on this one. Here she is at lunch time.

And then again, right before dinner time. She is my goth girl. Playing around with felt shadows.

I’m moving forward, but nothing finished yet. This is how I work- several dolls inching forward at the same time. And then, a whole group gets finished around the same time and people ask me how I do it!

voting day

I voted this morning. There was about a 15 minute wait and lots of excited energy. There were many newbies- people who didn’t know where to go. People in the wrong place. Everyone was cheerful and helpful.

It was a beautiful day today. Ben and I decided to take a vacation day and get away from the election until we might actually be able to hear some results. We drove down to a beach in Rhode Island.

I took off my shoes and walked in the sand. I put my feet in the ocean- brrr! I thought about feet memories versus head memories.

We went over to Quonochontaug Pond where we used to rent a cottage when the kids were little. 

Tonight will be spent watching red and blue patches fill in on media maps. It will be such a relief to have this election finished and decided. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to settle down and get back to work- because that is how I’ve been feeling- unsettled. These girls are waiting for me to finish them up-

My daughter is going to the Obama event in Chicago- I will be very interested to hear her experience- sounds exciting and maybe a little scary!

happiness is starting new projects

?  That has got to be the reason for what has been going on in my studio this past week!

I am having a little problem with my focus. I started by cutting out three grandmas- a doll that has been waiting in line to be made for a long time-

but I needed to cut out some babies too, because I had *an idea*. (six babies) Actually, several design images floating around in my brain that really need to land on something soon-

So, I’m going along, working on the grandmas, and I get frustrated with the face (that is why it is not showing in the picture). Instead of moving over to the projects that I have already cut out, I start thinking about some gifts on my list. So, I cut out three tote bags-

hmmm. Now they are partially done too. Oh well, sooner or later I will have a finished project to show you- because I’ve got 12 of them going here!