the last 2 Tiny Worlds for now

I just had to make a snow scene before I finished this batch.

10-13-tiny world 13 14 - 1

10-13-tiny world 13 14 - 2

Now this last one had to get made because somehow I always end up with 13 and I’m superstitious… I know, crazy. So I had to make one more.

10-13-tiny world 13 14 - 3

10-13-tiny world 13 14 - 4

Okay, so that’s it for now. I will be trying to get them all into my etsy shop in the next few days. Everything is now listed in the shop!

Also, a reminder- The Owl class is in 2 weeks. Come and join the fun!

Fairy House Tiny Worlds

I am almost finished with the Tiny World pincushions. Two more after this and hopefully there will be a little dry weather tomorrow to take photos.

10-12-tiny world 11 12 - 1

10-12-tiny world 11 12 - 2

This one is made on a beautiful cup which has unfortunately lost it’s saucer. A very lovely lady in Washington DC gave me 2 of them when I was doing the Smithsonian Show. I am so happy to give them a new purpose.

10-12-tiny world 11 12 - 3

10-12-tiny world 11 12 - 4

10-12-tiny world 11 12 - 5

Two new Tiny World designs

First we’ve got a barn with a rooster on the mug.

10-10-tiny world 9 10 - 2

Those tiny sheep were a challenge!

10-10-tiny world 9 10 - 1

And this design is something I’ve pondered for a long while. I wanted to do a night scene. I even found those wonderful star pins at Tale of the Yak, when I was in San Francisco last summer. And then, to bring it all together, I found this black teacup at the thrift store and so it happened.

10-10-tiny world 9 10 - 3

Not too Halloween-y I think.

10-10-tiny world 9 10 - 4

The weather today was back to summer (mid-80′s) here in the Boston area. Look who visited my garden-

10-10-tiny world 9 10 - 1 (2)

I don’t see many monarch butterflies anymore so this made me very happy.

Tiny World Lighthouses

10-8-tw 7 8 - 1

10-8-tw 7 8 - 2

10-8-tw 7 8 - 4

10-8-tw 7 8 - 3

I did a computer operating system update (upgrade?) and now everything is just a bit different. Mostly, no problem, but my Photos program and editing is looking new, everything hiding under tabs that weren’t there before and I’m in the midst of the dreaded learning curve. Urg. I just keep repeating to myself- good for brain elasticity.