Big man in browns

4:10:tattoo man 5a

It isn’t really obvious from the pics but he is lots of browns- his boots, the toile, his hair.

4:10:tattoo man 5b

The tattoos on his chest are a fox hunt I think, with men, horses and dogs. I like the 3 faces here-

4:10:tattoo man 5c

The back is a river scene.

4:10:tattoo man 5d

And here he is on the porch. You can see that I am putting out some of my pots that have semi-hardy plants. It is beginning to feel like Spring even though there is still some snow piles around.

4:10:tattoo man 5e


tattooed men again- colors!

4:5:tattooman 1a

The first time I used this type of fabric, I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable getting away from the classic toile tattoos. In the end, I decided it was great. So much so that I ordered a bunch more and dyed it up, including some ladies. Now, I am finally getting the men put together.

4:5:tattooman 1b

Here is a slightly out-of-focus shot where you can see the color of his beard.

4:5:tattooman 1c

He has a big antique shell button for his belt buckle.

4:5:tattooman 1d

4:5:tattooman 1e

4:5:tattooman 1f

And yes, there is still some snow but really, not very much.

4:5:tattooman 1h

Puerto Rico Flowers

Being in Puerto Rico was like spending a week in a greenhouse up here in New England- so many flowers! We spent one afternoon at a botanical garden in San Juan where there was an orchid show.

4:3:flowers 1

4:3:flowers 2

After we spent some time admiring the specimens in their pots, it was fun to see some in other places is the garden, more of their natural habitat.

4:3:flowers 3

After we left the beach front, we spent several nights in the mountains near the rain forest. The owners of the guest house were avid gardeners and there was some lovely specimens to see!

4:3:flowers 4

Passion flowers, above and below-

4:3:flowers 5

And this is a ginger with a little tree frog, coqui, peeking out.

4:3:flowers 6

I am back to work and will have a few things to show soon. Next weekend I will be down in Philadelphia to attend the Sweet Paul/Makerie- this year I will be enjoying classes instead of teaching. I am very excited!

Puerto Rico 1

We had a fantastic time in Puerto Rico! What a relief to get out of the dreary monochromatic winter-scape and see colors. All these photos are taken in old San Juan, a lovely place to spend a day or two at the end of March.

4:2:colors 1

4:2:colors 2

4:2:colors 3

4:2:colors 4

4:2:colors 5

4:2:colors 6I have never been to PR before and really didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t do much pre-planning and let ourselves be open to enjoying the warm weather, beautiful colors, and tropical landscape. I will post more pics soon.


Grey Herringbone kitty

3:23:kitty 6a

I didn’t start out to make all these kitties be girls. I traced out my pattern and drew lines to make the “shirt” piece. When I sewed them up and stuffed them, the shirt ended up looking too short for a boy kitty- there sort of needed to be a skirt. Next time I cut these out, I will adjust the pattern pieces.

3:23:kitty 6b

3:23:kitty 6c

3:23:kitty 6d