Report from San Francisco

I’m back and have been since mid-week. It takes a few days to recover and get back into the swing of things. It felt like a whirlwind trip- mostly work and a little fun times with wonderful creative people I have met though my online life. So good to see Sonya, Kathryn and Alice!

Here are some booth photos- they are taken with my phone, so sorry about the quality.

7:25:renegadesf 1

These are the all-around on first day.

7:25:renegadesf 2

7:25:renegadesf 3

7:25:renegadesf 4

I always rearrange the 2nd day, hoping it actually makes a difference.

7:25:renegadesf 5

Lots of things found new homes and lots came home too. I’ve listed the pieces that came home in the suitcases into my etsy shop. The shipped pieces (dogs and I don’t know what else!) should arrive by the middle of next week and then I’ll list them too.

It was so much fun to meet and talk to past and new customers, see how people interact with my work, see what catches the eye, what gets the comments. It is always worth getting away from the studio for a few days even if it is not my natural inclination.

man in a kilt

One last post before SF.

7:16:kilt man 1a

I don’t usually talk about the bumps in the road but not many of the dolls go from start to finish with no missteps along the way. And, the last few weeks there were more than usual- I am ready for some time away from the studio. I knew this fellow was going to have a kilt but this is the second one I made because I made an un-fixable error on the first one- The kind that is not worth trying to fix. I’ve learned to tell the difference because many times, trying to fix something takes more time than starting over. But, he made it through the process and I’m happy with how he turned out.

7:16:kilt man 1b

7:16:kilt man 1c

7:16:kilt man 1d

7:16:kilt man 1e

Mimosa is blooming outside the window.

In the Mimi news

I will be in San Francisco next weekend with all my wares- hope some of you can stop by for a visit!


And for anyone who plans way ahead, I will be in Chicago in September 6 and 7.

In other news, I revised my Tiny World pattern after all these years. Honestly, it’s been on my to-do list for at LEAST a year! It now includes the pattern for 2 little houses- one upright as shown in the photos, the other is a cottage style. If you bought the pattern in the last year and you’d like a refreshed pattern, send me something that shows when you bought it and I will send you a new pdf copy.

forager fox

7:10:forager fox a

When he was just dressed in his blue knit sweater vest and I started out making the sage green corduroy jacket, I thought he was a gardener. But, as I worked on him, I decided he was a forager and his sack is full of all the good things he’s found.

7:10:forager fox b

7:10:forager fox c

7:10:forager fox d

7:10:forager fox e

And I foraged all through my studio drawers to find goodies for his bag!

7:10:forager fox f

fox girl in browns

7:9:fox girl 5a

This sweet fox girl does not have a vintage fabric dress. Her’s is made from a cut of Liberty lawn that I bought at Britex when I was out in San Francisco last summer. I knew it would eventually become a fox dress. Her jacket is vintage linen though, some scraps from a dress my Mom made, probably in the 60′s.

The jacket has little brass buttons. And I made her a necklace.

7:9:fox girl 5b

7:9:fox girl 5c

7:9:fox girl 5d

Her school bag has her books.

7:9:fox girl 5e