Lumberjack time

So, what have I been doing? The back end work of making: sewing (foxes and tattooed men) and dyeing new doll pieces, trying to get things organized for the holiday rush. I feel like the cartoon character with the spinning feet who is not getting anywhere. Anyway, finally something finished.

9-26-lumberjack 1 - 1

The lumberjacks (this one and the rest that I hope to finish this week) got promoted to getting finished because I was sorting through my bins, looking for something (?) and found a pile, all sewed up and ready for their next step. That’s the best.

9-26-lumberjack 1 - 3

I didn’t make him a hat because I like his hair too much and I didn’t want to cover it up.

9-26-lumberjack 1 - 2

9-26-lumberjack 1 - 4

9-26-lumberjack 1 - 5

9-26-lumberjack 1 - 1 (1)

Poppy Baby

I thought I was done but then 2 more got designed! This one is Poppy-

9-10-baby 6 - 1

All the flowers and leaves are cashmere and I love how they are soft and will move around when you run your hand over their softness. The background green is boiled wool; not so soft but an excellent color.

9-10-baby 6 - 2

9-10-baby 6 - 6

9-10-baby 6 - 4

9-10-baby 6 - 3

9-10-baby 6 - 5

9-10-baby 6 - 7

I keep forgetting to mention that I have a pattern for the swaddled babies in my etsy shop, in case you are inspired to make your own.

Pile of Leaves Baby

And some little birds too!

9-5-swaddled baby 5 - 1

I love how this baby’s face turned out- sort of wistful.

9-5-swaddled baby 5 - 1 (1)

Here is a top view-

9-5-swaddled baby 5 - 1 (2)

This entire piece is made of very soft fabric- either angora/wool blends or cashmere. I didn’t sew the leaves all the way down onto the body piece because I wanted that fluttery look and texture.

9-5-swaddled baby 5 - 1 (5)

9-5-swaddled baby 5 - 1 (3)

9-5-swaddled baby 5 - 1 (4)

Below is the back, and sorry for the fuzzy focus.

9-5-swaddled baby 5 - 1 (6)

9-5-swaddled baby 5 - 1 (7)