B & W Kitty and another thing

First is the another thing.

12-10-kitty boy bw - 1 (1)

CraftBoston Holiday is what I have been focused on and working towards. I will be setting up this coming Wednesday and the show opens on Thursday evening. The link will take you to a page with a discount code for entry. Come and visit if you can!

And now a Black and White friend for the girl kitty of yesterday.

12-10-kitty boy bw - 2

12-10-kitty boy bw - 3

12-10-kitty boy bw - 1

12-10-kitty boy bw - 5

12-10-kitty boy bw - 4And yes, we did have snow.

Kitty girl- black, white, and red

12-9-kitty girl bw - 1

I knew we were getting snow today. By the time I finished anything yesterday, it was too dark to take photos. I rushed out this morning to take some pics before the flakes started to fall but even though I was being speedy, I didn’t get all the photos I needed. Now, the snow is so pretty! I can finish the pics tomorrow :-)

12-9-kitty girl bw - 2

12-9-kitty girl bw - 3

12-9-kitty girl bw - 4

12-9-kitty girl bw - 5

Celestial Tattoos

12-5-celestial tattoo man - 1

It is always exciting for me when I find a new fabric to use for tattoos. Especially if it is very different but still hopefully gets the tattoo idea across. This fabric had prints of vintage-looking celestial maps.

12-5-celestial tattoo man - 2

12-5-celestial tattoo man - 4

I love how the planetary orbital path looks like an extra set of eyes.

12-5-celestial tattoo man - 3

12-5-celestial tattoo man - 5