Fox Flower girl

I know we are inching toward Autumn and this week has certainly felt like it, but this little one is all about summer.

9:21:fox girl 1a

We are not ready to let go yet!

9:21:fox girl 1b

9:21:fox girl 1c

Her felt flower headband is sewed to elastic. Her dress is made from the re-release of Heather Ross‘s Far, Far, Away line which I absolutely love, love, love!!! (you will be seeing more fox girls in dresses from that fabric- I bought a bunch!)

9:21:fox girl 1d

9:21:fox girl 1e

Lady #3

9:19:lady 3a

She is the same pattern as #2.

9:19:202 ladies

When I reworked the pattern, I made curvy, curvier and curviest. These are curviest.

9:19:lady 3b

9:19:lady 3c

9:19:lady 3d

I am very happy with my new curvier and curviest. Curvy, not so much so you haven’t seen a finished one yet. Two out of three isn’t bad though and after my show next weekend I will get back to work on the design.


9:19:3 ladies

working on the ladies

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen this photo go by-


I have been working on redesigning my lady body pattern for the tattooed ladies. Last week, after I got back from Chicago, I cut out some ladies from my new patterns. On Friday I dyed the fabrics. I sewed over the weekend and am now in the process of finishing some up. Here is my first one finished-

9:17:lady 1a

9:17:lady 1b

A profile shot-

9:17:lady 1c

9:17:lady 1d

9:17:lady 1e

next up- Washington DC

The next event on my schedule is Crafty Bastards in Washington DC. There are lots of terrific vendors and super nice crafty people so it will be a great time! You can get tickets ahead of time here.


I’ve got a lots of new pieces in progress- assorted piles of foxes, tattooed ladies and lumberjacks, all in various states of completion. Hopefully I will have some finished pieces to show in the next few days.

Dark-skinned man 2

I leave for Chicago tomorrow but I’m still working away! After these fellows, I have 3 foxes I’m hoping to finish before I get on the plane.

9:4:darkman 2a

This is a much redder brown than the other.

9:4:darkman 2b

The toile is amazing. He has a badger on his chest- at least I think that’s a badger.

9:4:darkman 2c

And a kitty on his back!

9:4:darkman 2d

My elephant ear is starting to take over my porch- very encroaching.

9:4:darkman 2e

Stop by and say hi if you are in Chicago!