Autumn Fox girl 1

11:9:fox girl 1a

Perfect fall clothes- corduroy jacket, lawn dress, cashmere shawl.

11:9:fox girl 1b

This batch of foxes is mostly made from hand-dyed (by me) wool fabric. The color has texture, if that makes sense- it’s a nice way to say it isn’t entirely even!

11:9:fox girl 1c

She’s got some great buttons- vintage (antique?) brass on the bag, metal on her coat with what I think are radishes on them!

11:9:fox girl 1f

Here she is standing among what are always my last flowers of the garden year.

11:9:fox girl 1d

11:9:fox girl 1e

Good Mail Day

I have some postcards in a show at the Artstream Gallery in New Hampshire. I called them stitched doodles. They are all approximately 4″ x 6″.

11:8:postcard 1

11:8:postcard 2

11:8:postcard 3

11:8:postcard 4

If you are interested in any of them, they are available here. There are lots of other amazing little gems of art available from artists around the world. Check it out!

This was the one that didn’t get sent because I needed to pick out 4 from the five I made.

11:8:postcard 5

the last girl

This is the last tattooed lady for now.

10:28:tattoo lady 6a

10:28:tattoo lady 6b

10:28:tattoo lady 6c

2 silk bows in her hair and one at her back-

10:28:tattoo lady 6d

10:28:tattoo lady 6f

And she went off to a new home!

10:28:tattoo lady 6e

The available ladies are all in my Etsy shop now.

And something I think is amazing- on Saturday afternoon, I posted the group picture of the ladies to Flickr. When I got up on Sunday morning, I had a flurry of new followers on Flickr which was odd, so I went over to see what was up. The photo had had almost 20,000 views since I’d posted it less than 24hrs before. As of posting this, it has 37,855 views. Wow! It is pretty neat to think of all those people looking at my photo! Hurray for the internet!

tattooed lady

Things seem to be proceeding very slowly around here for the past few weeks. I am trying to get back in the groove but urg- it can be a struggle! I have some tattooed ladies to finish up but I feel like I’ve been fighting with them for the past week. We might have reached a truce and some are getting finished.

10:21:lady 1a

10:21:lady 1b

10:21:lady 1c

Here is a profile photo-

10:21:lady 1d

10:21:lady 1e