Tiny World time

I taught a tiny world workshop last weekend. Two of the participants finished in time for me to get a photo-

2:4:tw 1

2:4:tw 2

Lots of bright color choices during the gloomy days of winter! Teaching meant that I pulled out all my supplies and made some sample parts and all the rest. So, post class, I am working on my own Tiny Worlds this week.

2:4:tw 5

2:4:tw 6

2:4:tw 3

2:4:tw 4

It is fun to be working on them again after such a long time!


bright black pug

All the snow is apparently inspiring me to use some really bright colors!

2:1:pug 5a

He has a VERY bright yellow scarf, wool/angora blend which means soft and fuzzy.

2:1:pug 5b

You can’t see his curly little tail- a problem when photographing black.

2:1:pug 5c And, hanging out with a friend.

2:1:pug 5d

We are expecting another snow storm tomorrow and I will be putting these into my Etsy shop then.

Pastel pug girl

1:28:pug 2a

Another pug, this one is soft colors and also soft textures! She is all soft cashmere and wool/angora blend!

1:28:pug 2b

1:28:pug 2c

Curly tail-

1:28:pug 2e

And yes, we got snow- lots and lots and lots of snow. I took her photo in the same place as the polka dot pug, just to give you an idea. The snow makes me thankful that I work at home and don’t have to worry about the messes it causes- no parking, slow traffic, slippery roads. I can just appreciate how pretty it looks for now.

1:28:pug 2d

finally something 2015!

So, I finally finished something. My work mantra, when I’m feeling discombobulated is, Just Do Something. I was having a hard time listening to myself. Which is not a good thing- I always feel better about everything when I am making. So, Phew!

3 fish-

1:22:fish 1

1:22:fish 3

1:22:fish 2

1:22:fish 4

1:22:fish 5

The first 3 dolls of 2015!