a special lumberjack

Sometimes I will say yes to a special order or commission. When someone asks me to do something that makes it obvious that they understand and appreciate my work I am more likely to say yes. A tattooed lumberjack- Yes! A Christmas stocking with traditional tattoo images? Uh, no. (yes, that is an actual example that recently came through my inbox)

I love this guy!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving if you are in the part of the world that celebrates. I think I made my best apple pie ever!


Have you seen what is going on over at Gather Here? They are doing a raffle to support the Red Cross’s effort to help victims of Hurricane Sandy- all the info to join in is here. I donated the doll model I made for the book We Make Dolls- He was on the cover!

There are lots of amazing prizes- check them out here. I have been obsessed with the news of the damage from the storm and I’m so happy to be able to find a way to help.

the butterfly hunter

Maybe it is a bit cold for butterfly hunting? But, he is an optimist.

His vest shows his passion. And his sweater is cashmere.

I will try to get the boy foxes into my shop this weekend- probably on Sunday. Also, I am still playing with the photo size- let me know if you are having any problems.

he looks a little sneaky to me

Another Autumn fox-

I made a cashmere hat for him. It makes me laugh!

I am experimenting with photo sizes with this new format. The pics appear just right on the blog page but were very large for people getting my posts by email- hopefully this will be better.

I’m back!

Happy Halloween everyone! Maybe you didn’t even notice but my blog was offline since Saturday. My husband tells me it got hacked, but honestly, I’m not sure what that means though I am sure it’s bad. He had to do all kinds of computer voodoo to clean it up so he spent even more time updating things around here. Thanks Honey! How do you like the new look? There are still a few things that need to be fixed and some things I need to figure out but I wanted to get back online as soon as possible.

We survived Hurricane Sandy with minimal damage. We lost some roof shingles and got water in the attic. It is fixed now. The power was out for just long enough that it felt like a fun adventure. We were very lucky. A lot of my neighbors are still without power and I’m sure the adventure is getting very old. And the news from the New York area is both very distressing and I can’t tear myself away from it.

I have managed to pull myself away from the news reports long enough to finish one thing- a professorial fox, dressed for Autumn.

Let me know if you notice any blog problems that I might want to know about. I know the early posts (2004 and 2005) are a mess and will hopefully be back at some point. Thanks!

Visit to Salley!

I went down to the Cape to see Salley and her amazing artwork!

I’ve seen enough of Salley’s artwork to know it would be worth the drive to see this piece in person- it was amazing! She blogged about the visit here.

We sat in her studio and chatted, we walked in the woods, we visited the show, we had lunch… and it was a perfect Autumn day. Salley’s studio is so beautiful- I always enjoy visiting and seeing what she is up to. Lots of work-in-progress!