another week

This was my last week in Instagram.

4:15:fishFish are being sewed and stockpiled.

4:15:faceI’m working on Lumberjacks but haven’t managed to finish up any. I keep cutting out new ideas.

4:15:3menAnd over the weekend, I taught a Tiny World Class at Gather Here. Here is setting up-

4:15:class14:15:class2Midway through the class shown above. And we finished up with 5 adorable tiny houses!

4:15:class3I’m not very good at getting in-focus photos with my phone, but much better at getting any photos at all!


2 scrappy fish- fox fish really, since all the orange bits of wool are left over from fox making.

4:6:foxfish14:6:foxfish24:6:foxfish3I love these two fish but I need to work on my technique a bit more. I ended up with some gaps that needed to be hand-sew closed. As a result, they won’t be going into my shop.

cherub tattoos

I’m getting close to the end with these fellows. I just checked back and I’d cut them out, dyed the fabric and even sewed some of them up, a YEAR ago! The posts are here and here. I love my blog.

4:3:cherubtattoos44:3:cherubtattoos1My husband showed me a photo of an award winning mustache and that inspired this one.


3/4 view

I’ve been thinking about doing a face from a different angle for a while, wanting to see if I could make it work on the same doll design. Here is my 3/4 view face-

3:28:side glance 3Of course I needed a little push to go from thinking about it to actually doing it. This was that push-

3:28:side glance 4That blue on the side of the eye. And this is how that ended up there.

There are many challenges in putting together a tattooed fellow. One is that I need a toile fabric for the tattooed parts and a plain fabric for the head and hands. The fabrics are over-dyed so the color needs to match, and to a lesser degree, the weave texture. If there is a section of the toile fabric that is plain, Hurray! I can cut my parts out of that. Sometimes I have to squeeeeeze and I’m thinking as I cut it, I’ll make this work somehow. Maybe I was thinking that I’d sew the little part of print on the inside. Or fiddle with the seam allowance. But then, later, probably many months later, when I sewed it up, I’d forgotten all about that. And when I stuffed him, there it was. And another blue print section on the other side of his face, now covered with hair. Because obviously, this was an opportunity for creative problem solving.

3:28:side glance 1And I am so glad I made that little goof-up because who knows how long I would have waited to try this 3/4 view and I love it!

3:28:side glance 23:28:side glance 5You can see that the ear is not sewed at the side seam as I usually do. And the other ear is right around on the (usually) back of the head.

Other details include another toile with a castle- I’m seeing a trend here. Also, a great old brass button and some very vintage white ric rac.

3:28:side glance 63:28:side glance 7