skeleton tattoos

This one was an experiment- I over-dyed a multi-color printed fabric and it’s not toile. But, I love how he came out- Hurray for trying new things!

5:23:tattoo man 4a

5:23:tattoo man 4b

5:23:tattoo man 4c

Here you can see the characters on his arms-

5:23:tattoo man 4e

5:23:tattoo man 4d

Happy long weekend, to everyone who gets one. I will be working of course because that is what self-employed people do, right?!

man with a lion tattoo

5:18:tattoo man 2a

I am getting stacks of tattooed men sewed up, so how do I choose which get finished first? Well, the last one (first of this batch) was left over from before, waiting so long to be done. He had to be first. And this fellow is cut from an amazing toile fabric- I couldn’t wait to see how it looked, all finished up!

5:18:tattoo man 2b

5:18:tattoo man 2c

He has a swirly print fabric beard.

5:18:tattoo man 2d

5:18:tattoo man 2e

5:18:tattoo man 2f

sweet fox fellow

5:8:fox 4a

He is made of a reclaimed wool sweater and knits always make for a rounder (chubbier) doll.

5:8:fox 4b

5:8:fox 4c

5:8:fox 4d

Here he is standing amongst the alium foliage. In just a few more weeks, all the foliage will be gone and this will be a sea of purple lollipops!

5:8:fox 4e

I had to make 2 jackets to get one to fit- the first one was just a bit too tight and he looked so uncomfortable!

5:8:fox 4f

Professor Fox

5:2:fox 3b

This fellow was a special request, based on a child’s drawing. I’ve never done that before but the vision in the drawing was right up my alley!

5:2:fox 3c

5:2:fox 3d

Yes, he has binoculars. And a green striped sweater vest and a dark red bow tie.

5:2:fox 3f

Oh, and look- my fritillaria are blooming!

5:2:fox 3a

5:2:fox 3e