yellow girl dog

I brought 3 dog dolls out to San Francisco and they were all grabbed up in the first few hours. That inspired me to start in on the pile that I had cut out last spring but had never sewed up. Fun, fun, fun!


another week goes by

Lots of things going on and not much time for writing blog posts! Here is what I bought myself on my San Francisco trip.

This gorgeous tape from another vendor at Renegade- petitcollage

If you’ve ever bought something from me, you know I love some cute decorative tape!

Cute mushrooms from Castle In The Air. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them but until I figure it out, I will enjoy having them in the studio.

My 2 surprise balls from Tail Of The Yak, plus a yard of ribbon.

Here is their bag and their card- so lovely!

Threads from Lacis-

Next time I will do an inventory before I go so I will know just what I need- because they will surely have it!

And lastly some fabric from A Verb For Keeping Warm.

I love that yellow on the right so much that when I got home I checked out if it came in other colorways. Why, yes it does! And different scales too! I got this in the mail a week later from

I’ve got a lot of things going on and my head is all over the place. I need to work on my inventory after San Francisco. Foxes are on my list of things that need to be made and I played with my wool and dyes to see if I could come up with some good foxy colors. These colors look better in real life.

We went up to Portland (Maine) for the weekend to see son Peter, help him move into a new apartment and eat some amazing food. We celebrated my birthday with an amazing dinner at 555. It was perfect.

And I had a happy surprise this week- look who has come back home to me!

I have a search alert of my name on Ebay just in case. And I am so happy that I did because I never would have known without it!

I will have some finished things to show soon. I’m going to the dogs- check back tomorrow!


San Francisco was Awesome!

I had a fantastic time in San Francisco. Renegade was incredible. I heard that 17,000 people came on Saturday and I’m not sure what the total was for the weekend. Our days afterward were filled with visits to wonderful places and first-time meet ups with internet friends.

We started our stay in San Francisco in an apartment that we found through airbnb. It was on a really steep hill, just a few blocks from the very windy Lombard St.

We had excellent views.

The venue at Fort Mason was wonderful- indoors, lots of light, wide aisles, real bathrooms and running water… Paradise! So many people came out to say hi- I was thrilled and a bit overwhelmed. If you came by and I had a dazed look on my face, that is why. I am not used to being around so many people! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, bought my work, said nice things, brought me presents (!). It was incredible busy and one sign of how good an event it was for me- I ran out of shopping bags!

So, I am sure I will be back! Here I am at my booth-

Isn’t that a fantastic photo? An amazing photographer, Sarah Deragon stopped by and took some shots. Then she sent me a link and said I could use them- for free- as long as I credit her. Wow! I am so grateful. Check out her website- she does amazing portraiture. Honestly, I met and interacted with so many nice people.

Here are my pics of my set-up-

And someone brought her tiny world to show me. So beautifully done and unfortunately my photo is blurry- sorry V. I love seeing the personal creative touches. She’d added yoyo’s around the edge!

At the end of the day on Sunday, my Sister-in-law picked us up and we went down to Santa Cruz for a few days and then later back up to Berkeley. Here is a quick list of the people I met up with-

Robert Mahar and Cathy Callahan of Cathy of California who were at Renegade with me. Michelle, who I (internet) met originally when she still had her craft blog going, Green Kitchen. I had dinner with Alice aka Futuregirl. And I spent a wonderful day with Sonya, both at her studio and some other places she took me to around town. I am always amazed at how comfortable it is for me to meet people that I’ve had an internet connection with- all the ice-breaking, explaining, proving ones self can be skipped over. We already “get” each other and speak the same language.

And the fiber art related places I visited:

- the Jean Paul Gaultier show at the de Young Museum. It was incredible- absolutely worth seeing if you can. I wish I’d had a whole day to spend just watching the videos of the fashion shows.

- Castle In The Air is a fun shop with all kinds of little treasures for art making. They are famous for their German crepe paper and high quality glitter.  Hard to describe really!

- Tail Of The Yak (which doesn’t seem to have a website) was amazing, what can I say. They have a stuffed emu.

And they carry surprise balls by Anandamayi Arnold who unfortunately also doesn’t seem to have a website. There is a blog post about her and her botanical surprise balls here. I bought one that looks like a plum because I thought the beautiful lily would never make it home in my suitcase.

Sonya took me to Lacis, a store I’ve been hoping to visit for as long as I can remember. This is another place where I could spend a day, exploring and spending a pot of gold!

There were so many threads of various kinds- my idea of a thrill! Also, ribbons, lace, trims, tools, notions, books, wedding dresses, hats, buttons… honestly, I was in heaven.

After a delicious lunch we headed over to A Verb For Keeping Warm, a fabric/yarn shop/studio to visit and for me to buy some SF fabrics. I will try to get my act together and post photos of some of the treasures I brought home. As I said, an amazing trip!

Here is a public Google Map I made with places I went to and some places I wish I’d gotten to so will hopefully get there next time, all recommended by various people who know the area better than me. If you have favorite places that aren’t on the map, I’d love to add them so I will remember on my next trip out west.

and the other SF fox

I finished up 2 foxes just before I left for San Francisco. This is the other one-

5 foxes found new homes including this one.

I am still in California. I will be back on the weekend and I will do a show report sometime after that.

dr. fox

I’m in San Francisco now and I have several pieces that I never had time to post in all the rush of the last week. I will post them over the next few days. Of course if you’d like to see them in person, I am at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Market at Fort Mason this weekend, July 21 and 22.

I think he looks like a Dr. or lawyer from my childhood.

Here you can see his vest. That vest… I had so many problems with his vest!

The first fabrics I chose looked great all laid out together on the table. I made the vest and the jacket and put them on my fox fellow and it turned out that the fabrics weren’t working together AT ALL. That vest will wait for another customer. I cut out a new vest. I was turning it right-side-out and ripped through the paisley fabric (it is vintage and fragile in places). I tried fixing it 3 times instead of just starting over. I didn’t have enough of the fabric I was using with the paisley to cut out another side. I kept making all kinds of crazy mistakes. I think my brain left for vacation a few days early. Anyway, I eventually gave up on the 2nd color combination and cut out this new vest with some wonderful Heather Ross fabric. Just so you know, it doesn’t always go smoothly no matter how long you’ve been doing it.

His briefcase and a book-


a tattooed lady

More of the skeleton toile- I’ve got a good amount so it will be showing up regularly.

I am getting a few things finished but I seem to be spending all kinds of time doing boring prep work for the show- finding new tablecloths, buying another suitcase, spending half a day trying to find a box the right size to ship booth parts, then packing it and getting it mailed. It is amazing how time-consuming all of the invisible part of show prep can be. And I have a deadline for new prototypes but that is another story. So really, it is just my typical and expected pre-trip freak out around here. Luckily for me, one of the benefits of getting older is that I recognize my own patterns and try not to take myself and my anxieties too seriously.