pug girl #4

I’ll be thinking of her as Grumpy pug but I thought it might be mean to put that in the title.

8:18:pug girl 4a

She has a cashmere skirt and shawl (and for that matter, her “fur” parts are also cashmere) so I have no idea what the cranky attitude is all about!

8:18:pug girl 4b

8:18:pug girl 4c

8:18:pug girl 4d

8:18:pug girl 4e

And 3 pugs on the porch.

8:18:pug girl 4f

boy pug, blue stripes

8:16:pug boy 1a

It seems impossible to get the colors in the photos just right. This fellow’s scarf is what I’d call a dark orange versus the red it looks like in all the photos.

8:16:pug boy 1d

8:16:pug boy 1b

8:16:pug boy 1c

How do you like the amazing elephant ears? I’ve had so much fun watching them grow this summer. They come from grapefruit sized bulbs that my husband bought at the big-box store.

8:16:pug boy 1e