tiki 3

or 3 tikis-


It is really hard to get a good picture of something red. I thought it was me, but I did a google search for a solution, and it’s not just me. Everything in the photo is perfect except the red thing, which is over-exposed and kind of glowy. Weird. So, I’ve got a bunch of slightly off photos to show.

Here is a work in progress shot- flat man!

You can see the puffiness from the quilt batting. Here is a back view-


I thought this one was was good, in terms of color-


and some details-



side view for the sexy tiki profile-


I might try taking more photos tomorrow, but I’m not holding out any hope. The dark red/purples are especially bad… geesh! I have a Canon 610, if anyone wants to give me any advise.

That is all the tikis for now. I’m thinking about curlers… and bathrobes… hmmm.

13 thoughts on “tiki 3

  1. I’m loving these Tikis! I think the teal one if my favorite. I love the way your mind works – moving from one thing to the next – I also like the way you work in series. It really helps works the kinks out.

  2. I love these Tikis. The blue one is my favorite so far, but gosh, it’s so hard to choose one. Once I start looking at the details of one, I find the other has some detail that’s also great.

    Yeah, the red problem… it does seem like the hardest to photograph are the blue-reds, too. Oh well, it just reminds us that things are better in person.

  3. three tikis in a row!! how delightful! i don’t know…the red shots look pretty good to me…and hmmmm…i see you’ve already shown us the curlers, but could that floral wool be the bathrobe?…i’ll be waiting to see…

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