About Me

photo credit: Sarah Deragon

I am a Boston-based fiber artist. I live with my husband- Ben Hyde- in a Victorian era (1892) 2-family house. I have 3 kids who are mostly grown up and doing their own things. I graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1976 with a BFA.

My Etsy (online) shop.

I play Twitter here. And have a Facebook fan page.

See me in my studio in the Handmade Portrait video from Etsy.

Hear me talk about what I do-

October 2007 with Sister Diane of Craftypod.

October 2006 with Carley1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (all the links in this post.)

Here is a post with lots of doll making resources- books, kits, patterns.

A post from 2004 about how and why I got started making dolls.

Also check out the personal category in the blog.

email me at mimik@pobox.com


7 thoughts on “About Me

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  4. Hi there Mimi,
    I checked out your Etsy store after stumbling upon your blog searching for shrink plastic. They are so much fun! I love the tattoo men in particular. I’m a new fan:)

  5. Dear Mimi,
    A friend of mine gave me a tattooed man to accompany me to my cancer treatments. I named the doll Maurice and he was very popular with the nurses and doctors. Do you do commissions? I wanted to have smaller versions for the the few staff who have been so kind.
    Thank-you for you creative genius!

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