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photo credit: Sarah Deragon

I am a Boston-based fiber artist. I live with my husband- Ben Hyde- in a Victorian era (1892) 2-family house. I have 3 kids who are grown up and doing their own things. I graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1976 with a BFA.

email me at mimik@pobox.com

My Etsy (online) shop.

My favorite hang-out is Instagram. I play Twitter here. And have a Facebook fan page. Here is a Pinterest board with lots of my media coverage.

Photos of pretty much everything I’ve made since 2005 are here on Flickr.

See me in my studio in the Handmade Portrait video from Etsy.

Hear me talk about what I do-

2013 Makers in Business with Liz Smith.

October 2007 with Sister Diane of Craftypod.

October 2006 with Carley1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (all the links in this post.)

Here is a post with lots of doll making resources- books, kits, patterns.

A post from 2004 about how and why I got started making dolls.

Also check out the personal category in the blog.



15 thoughts on “About Me

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  4. Hi there Mimi,
    I checked out your Etsy store after stumbling upon your blog searching for shrink plastic. They are so much fun! I love the tattoo men in particular. I’m a new fan:)

  5. Dear Mimi,
    A friend of mine gave me a tattooed man to accompany me to my cancer treatments. I named the doll Maurice and he was very popular with the nurses and doctors. Do you do commissions? I wanted to have smaller versions for the the few staff who have been so kind.
    Thank-you for you creative genius!

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  8. I love your new litter of pups! Would definitely like to make one! Will these be available as a pattern to buy?

  9. I would love to commission or buy a merman(I will email you)…I found you from a Mary Engelbreit Instagram post and LOVE YOUR WORK!!!! You have an absolutely amazing talent!

  10. Hi Mimi, Love our work. Have been a fan since your ceramic days! Still have a cup with mamma hanging out clothes on clothesline! So my question is are you interested on donated fabric? Obviously you have to be choosy. I have some good stuff: Mary DeAngelos brushed wool vest I’m ready to cut up as front is worn thin.
    African tied dyed indigo and such. Going to see Child’s Play today! Lucia

  11. I love your Tiny Worlds with cups and saucers. Is it possible to commission a couple of works? My mother left us with two cup and saucer sets that I don’t want to give up and I think it would be a lovely way to keep them and remember her.

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