Frequently Asked Questions about My Patterns

What patterns are available?

The links below go to my Etsy shop.  All patterns are instant download after purchase. If you are interested in paper patterns or bulk pattern purchase, please contact me through my etsy shop or email-

I’m done!  Would you like to see my creation?

Absolutely!  I would love to see what you make!  I have started a flickr group for tiny worlds , friend kitty and one for Purl girl– lots of inspiration and I’d love it if you joined and added yours when you finish!

If you use flickr or Instagram and want to tag your photo so other folks can find it please one of these tags.

  • MimiKirchnerPurlGirlFeltDoll
  • MimiKirchnerTinyWorld

Oh No! I clicked on the link you sent me an all I got was a blank page.

Fear not!  Some browsers do that. What has happened is the browser downloaded the PDF file, but it didn’t know what to do next. So you need to find the file and open it. If you scan your browser’s menus you’ll find an entry that says something like “Downloads” and if you select that it will show a list of things you have downloaded. Usually you can then open the pattern from there.

Oh No! I found the PDF pattern I downloaded but I can’t open it.

This can happen if you don’t have a program that knows how to open a PDF file. The most common program for that is Adobe Reader, which you can download here <>. On most Macs the program Preveiw will open it as well.

10 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. Question- can I sell the lovlies I make from your patterns if I give you design credit? I’m up to my neck in fresh fish, can’t seem to stop making them and I’m wondering about craft fair sale. I completely, totally, and unequivocally understand if the answer is “no”, but figured I’d ask.

  2. Hi
    I love you, I like your pincushions so much, but I live in Iran and I can`t buy the patterns. What can I do?

  3. Every time I click on the Purl Bee link, I get a message saying my connection is not secure – any way round this? I’d love to get the pattern for the Mimi doll.

  4. Hi there! Back in 2014 I stumbled across your flat, square dolls on Pinterest! I feel in love with them. I emailed you at the time for permission to make them. There was no pattern. You gave me your blessing and I made 2 for gifts that year. Well here we are now 2022, and I was showing some of the dolls I’ve made in the past to my sewing group. They freaked out when they saw “Tilly” and want to make them! So I’m re-asking for permission to make your dolls. Do you have a pattern I can buy? I see on Pinterest there are dolls real similar that are for sale. The arms and legs are bigger. But I love the original ones sitting on the park bench! Thank you for your consideration. Cindie Lee

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