Dark Blue Merman

Before I packed up my studio last winter, I sewed up a number of things/dolls so that I could easily get back to work… well, I wouldn’t say easily, but it has been doable and I am thanking my past self. Mostly I can work on the men dolls, never a bad thing!

I gave him a fancy antique button.

Fire Hot Merman

Look at me! I’m making some new things! It is still going slowly and will continue like that for a while because we will be closing on a new home soon and then there is all of that to deal with.

This is a Fire Merman- what?? you say?! I’ve read about places in the ocean called hydrothermal vents. They are underwater volcanically active areas and all kind of strange creature live near them. This fine fellow fits right in.

I wanted to make his hair look like flames.

He has an antique glass button, black with some gold “waves”.

A close-up of the back of his hair-

And hanging out in the backyard…

2 More Tiny Worlds

I’ve had a very busy birthday week- now that I’m in Chicago, I can celebrate with my kids which is awesome. I went and saw Barbie with my daughter. It was a delight.

The latest Tiny Worlds-

According to the name of this china pattern, this is a wood anemone. When I google that, I saw mostly white flowers but who am I to question the bottom of a teacup!

And another Blue Willow cup. I love these classic patterns!

Tiny Worlds 3 and 4

I was the lucky recipient of some beautiful tea cups in the lead-up to the move. I was wavering if I should accept them since I was packing up my whole life but I’m so glad I took them. Now I can think about my friends as I make each Tiny World.

This one looks so summery!

And this one is such a formal pattern. These two cup designs are practically opposites.