Throwback to hippie days

This little cat was inspired by some Indian print fabric scraps that my neighbor gave me. They look like bits of clothing and bedspreads that everyone I knew was wearing and using for decor back in the late 60’s/70’s.

Of course no one I knew would have been wearing a cashmere sweater!

She has a purse/bag just like I used to use. I would have made a macrame fringe but it was just too tiny so I settled for knots. Also a cool bead necklace.

She is out in the garden with the only thing left blooming, the alyssum.

Herringbone Kitty

He is out for a long walk with a daypack and a map.

It can be a challenge to get the facial features to show up on a patterned fabric!

He has a lovely soft yellow cashmere sweater under his jacket.

And here is a close-up of his jacket. You can see the snaps under the buttons. Also, his hankie and map.

Close-up of his pack- his notebook, money, and snack.

Off on an adventure!

Fancy Tuxedo Cat

Time for some kitties! This handsome tuxedo cat fellow is all dressed up for a Holiday party. He has a velvet bow tie.

And a fancy black and white wool jacket; with pockets and of course things in the pockets. There is a linen hankie, a notebook, and some other little bits.

Under his jacket he is wearing a bright red plaid vest/waistcoat. It has a pocket for his pocket watch.

Fox girl in a Liberty Dress

Her dress is Liberty of London cotton lawn- lucky her! She is also wearing a cashmere cardigan and a lacy shawl. Do you want to know about the fabrics? When the pandemic started and we were first staying home (not at all unusual for me), I ordered up a bunch of new Liberty fabric (from here) because why not. Retail therapy, presents in the mail and all. The cashmere sweater was cut from a much bigger sweater that had holes in it. Her shawl is from a scrap of lace curtain that I got from my neighbor who is clearing out 45 years of stuff before she sells. She has given me tons of amazing materials. Everything has a story.

You might have heard that we got snow for Halloween- not the kind of Trick or Treat that I like. I am imagining my little fox saying- no no mommy, I don’t want to play in the snow! I am hoping that it will all be melted away by tomorrow- fingers crossed.

Big Night Out Fox

This fine fellow is all ready for a big night out.

Yes, he has a big date tonight!

He is wearing a black wool jacket and a vest underneath. A linen hankie in his pocket and a black bowtie. And of course he is bringing some flowers. Here is his vest with tiny antique glass buttons.

He has a watch so he won’t be late and his wallet in his pocket.

I pinned the flowers onto his sleeve.

Foxes Ahead!

I know, I know, another green corduroy jacket! I think I am in a rut.

Above is a close-up of his jacket. He has a handkerchief in one pocket. Below, his very dapper Liberty of London fabric waistcoat/vest. It has tiny antique shell buttons.

His briefcase-

Herringbone Hound

This is the last dog for now. This one can be whoever you want him to be- Mr. Dog with a messenger bag: Professor, artist, geologist, book store owner, secret billionaire… really, anyone you’d like!

Look at that profile and regal nose!

Cashmere turtleneck and a corduroy jacket.