Brown Owl

Owl #2.

I like to call the materials I use for many of my woolly pieces, Rescued Fabrics. All these owls are (and will be because more coming soon) examples of this. This brown owl has cashmere wings that are made from a poncho that my Mom made me somewhere around 1968. I loved it. It had beautiful buttons. I wore it a lot and I could never bear to throw it out. Finally admitting that no one I knew would ever wear it again, it has been added to my fabric collection.

The face piece is a wool knit from my Mom’s stash. It is cut from a scrap that she saved. I would guess from the 80’s? And the ears are made of a thrifted wool sweater scrap.

The brown herringbone body is from yardage dropped off by a friend who was cleaning out her stash. Perfect for one of my owls!

Lots of stories and memories associated with the fabrics and now they have a new life!

I need a (e)mailing list

In this crazy year of all cancelled in-person shows, I have been exploring new options. There are some really great online shows going on! I hope they continue after the pandemic because wow- Awesome! Some of these shows require a mailing list which, since the days of me doing pottery, I have never maintained. I am hoping to get things figured out with Mailchimp and have links you can click to sign up, but I am a bit overwhelmed with that part of the process right now. Hopefully I will get there soon. So, I will do it the old-fashioned way. Would you like to be on my mailing list? Leave a comment with your email address or send me an email at In my dreams I would send out a newsy email once a month but I know that won’t happen. More likely it will just be announcements of when I am doing shows. If you already get my blog posts via email, unfortunately it is not the same thing. You still have to give me permission.

And now, here are some of the things I am doing. This coming weekend I will be part of Doll and Teddy Bear Artist Online Show.

Also, Paradise City , which is doing ongoing virtual events. Lots of good stuff there. I bought a beautiful birdbath last month from one of the local artists.

And for now, lastly, Art Party Central. I am scheduled to do one of their shows at the end of June.

It has been such a strange year but thank you so much to all who have supported me and stayed with me! I feel very lucky.