I’m Doing Some Shows This Fall


I will be doing 2 in-person shows this Fall in Massachusetts. I will be at The Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton MA October 9 – 11. And then I am showing at the Paradise show in Marlboro, MA, November 19 -21. All the info about the shows is HERE. I’d love to meet you if you can make it. These will be the first shows in almost 2 years and I am excited!

If you decide to come to the show, here is a link to get discounted tickets.

Here is a photo from the last show I did- November 2019!

Dog on a hike

I was trying to imagine what a dog would bring on a hike if they could do it for themselves. A cashmere sweater, handsome woolen vest, and a solid walking stick is a good start.

And a roomy backpack of course. Here is what is inside-

A notebook, a water bottle, a ball, a snack (bone). Plus some money, just in case of emergency, and a handkerchief.

Reworked Girl Dog

I made this pup in March 2019 but have never been quite satisfied with her. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what was bothering me.

Her jacket didn’t fit right so I made her a soft cashmere sweater. I never liked the hat so that’s gone. And I added a shawl.

Also, I’ve changed her eyes. Much better now!

I still love the doggie dress.

Detective Dog

This fine fellow was lots of fun to make.

Here he is with all his things-

He’s got a tie so he will look professional and a vest to keep warm during the investigations. Then there is a corduroy jacket with pockets to store all his detecting tools.

He has a magnifying glass, a notebook and pencil to write down clues, a map to get around the city, and a handkerchief to wipe his brow when he has to think really hard.

Here is a close-up of his vest and tie.

Shaggy Gardener Dog

I finally have something finished! What we’ve got here is a shaggy-haired dog in his gardening togs.

He is an expert gardener with years of dirty-paw experience. These fall days are getting chilly so he has his cashmere hat-

And fair isle sweater vest.

His garden bag holds some of his tools and some of his harvest.