And other projects

The last month or so has been busy. I cut out and dyed more mermaids, made myself some new clothes, traveled to Connecticut for a family get-together, and made a baby blanket. Now that it has been received, I can post it!

Here is step one… well actually step 0 was finding the right bins in my disorganized studio…

Laying out the pieces of scrap cashmere sweaters. Step 2, sewing it all up.

The edging is sweater ribbing.

Step 3, mail it off, wait to make sure it gets there, then wrap up that sweet baby!

Mermaid #3

This mermaid had several “make-overs” before I was satisfied. That is not unusual when working on a new design. I’m going through my embroidery books to get inspired for the scale design.

Variegated perle (pearl) cotton by Sue Spargo– I love this thread!

Her back has no embroidery. But her hair is fancy!

And here she is, out in the garden. I would definitely not recommend displaying this way :-)

Silvery-Tailed Merman

I have a pile of mermaids in progress but a few other projects got pushed to the front of the line.

He has metallic seaweed on his tail,

subtle shiny stars on his hair and beard,

and silver rick rack with a fish button. Also, whale tattoos.

The fish button was something my daughter brought home for me from South Africa, many years ago.

Two photos in my studio-

Blue Mermaid

I love how she turned out.

It took me several tries to get the faces and the hair to a place I liked.

More embroidered scales. I used white silk buttonhole thread to keep the dark blue threads in place. The buttonhole thread originally came from my mom’s sewing collection!

The back of her tail is plain.

I have one more mermaid but she needs to go back to the worktable. Hopefully I can show her to you in a few days. I’ve also dyed some more ombre fabrics and am so excited to sew them up!


I have gotten lots of requests for mermaids but I was not imagining anything to move forward with. During my break from making, I’d been mulling over the idea of ombre (shaded) dyeing. Finally I’ve tried it and am loving it!

Here is Mermaid 1-

I am so excited to be playing with something new!

Green hair

Mermaid hair is a challenge!

No cover-up for her!

Trying out embroidered scales with variegated thread.