If you would like to schedule a class with me in Arlington, MA, I am happy to run a class if you gather a minimum of 4 people, maximum 8. The classes meet at my house, in the suburbs of Boston. We start around 10am and go until 4 pm depending on the pattern. The class should be relaxing and fun! I can do classes for any of the patterns I have available in my Etsy shop. Please email me if you are interested and would like to set up a time-


Tiny World class details-

Please contact me about pricing. You can pay me with Paypal or send me a check. The fee includes everything you need to make the tiny world, except the tea cup. Once I have received your payment, I will send you a pdf of the pattern. There are a few things that you could bring to the class that might be useful- A nice sharp pair of scissors, a fabric marking pen and a small cutting mat to work on. If you have your own favorite embroidery needles or other supplies, you can bring those too.




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  14. I would love to join a class in Arlington, but live down the Cape so if you ever need an extra person let me know. Thanks!

  15. Mimi, I love your work. What talent you have! Your imagination and attention to detail is just incredible. Do you have any classes for a wannabe? I only craft sock monsters. I saw your robots on Pinterest…and one thing led to another…I live in Texas. Any chance you will come here for a quilt show or craft fair?

  16. Do you have any classes scheduled any time in the near future? I’m very interested in taking one! Thank you

  17. Mimi, I live in Cambridge May-December. Will you be offering another class at Gather Here after April?

  18. I have been following your work for years. Let me know whenyou are running a class (tiny world) or any of your creations, at your home and need a spare person to round the numbers out.
    Your display at Boston Crafts was great – hope you sold out.
    Shelley Weinstein

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