pattern work

I am working on a design change in my doll pattern- most of the dolls I’ve done so far have had what I think of as a shoulder plate- I was originally inspired by china head dolls. I hand-stitched the head and shoulders onto the body (after stuffing and needle-sculpting the head), adjusting the angle of the head which gave the doll some of it’s attitude.


I am now trying to machine stitch the head to the body at the point that the body and the neck meet.


Lots of other doll patterns do this. I tried it with Agnes. After the neck is sewed onto the body, I stuff everything- it seems harder so far. I guess I am trying it to see if I think it gives me more control and predictability. I am trying to make a baby right now- so pretty much no neck!

2 thoughts on “pattern work

  1. What great photographs. I think both styles work well. I have to admit that the new neck style gives a really defined neck though. It does look like more trouble to make but the look is worth the effort in my opinion.

  2. I find that you can get more suggestion of movement with a neck which protrudes, and fits into the base of the skull. Easier to stuff, and you can handsew at the angle you prefer. Have you theid that? smiling, Mary as Airliefairy

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