Back to work and new tattooed Ladies

It’s been a week since I got back from Northampton and I am working on dolls but also doing things that I’d postponed until after the show. And Fall chores, mostly garden related. So, my time in the studio is less than usual but I will be back to full steam soon.

Here is the first piece I’ve finished-

She has Christmas skeleton tattoos.

A side view so you can see her curves.

And a little dark brown glass, 3-hole button on her belt.

A BIG Merman

I had a bit of excitement here- on Saturday afternoon, after I did my last blog post, my aged (2015 MacBook) and beloved computer bit the dust in a rather exciting fashion involving a pixelated screen, a scritching noise that was getting louder, the computer getting very hot, very quickly. I pulled out the charging cable, turned off the computer, but that was the end of that. So sad, I really liked that machine! Anyway, I was off to buy a new computer first thing yesterday. Thank goodness I was mostly all backed up! And now, here I am, typing on my new friend.

This fellow is larger than my typical merman- I was playing with the pattern and not thinking about how changing his tail would affect the size. Anyway, I think he will look amazing in my booth this weekend.

I found these perfect buttons online: I had to buy some.

Vegetable Tattoos

He has to be a farmer because who else would have all the vegetable tattoos?!

And his other side-

He has an antique one-hole button on his belt.

Fancy boots-

And his portrait in front of my favorite wall which won’t be around much longer because that house is being renovated.

I won’t be listing anything new into my etsy shop until October 12, when I get back from Paradise City Art Festival. If you think you’d like to come, you can get a ticket discount here.