Last Lady is a Green Lady

She is #12 of the ladies and the last one for now. That is a lot of the same pattern for me- I get bored easily!

Embroidered leaves/ferns and an owl face button. Also, fancy shoe laces!

I wasn’t 100% happy with either of the next 2 photos but maybe they even out. One doesn’t show her hands and the other is too dark. Oh well!

Tattooed Lady #3

I finished her in time to photograph before the snow started on Monday. But then I got involved with my dyeing project and that was that for the day. And today too. It turned out to be a 2 day dyeing project. But now I have a year’s worth of new tattooed ladies, gentlemen, mermen, lumberjacks, etc, to work with and I am pretty excited about some of the new fabrics and colors!

She has a silk ribbon sash at her waist with a big bow in the back.