2 dolls progress

Okay, so you’re thinking, they look the same as the last picture and it’s been 2 days! Well I’ve been working hard on these guys for the last 2 days, but they haven’t really been cooperating. I am having difficulty with shoes and sweaters… typical toddlers.
I have a fuzzy dark blue sweater that I thought would be perfect- I cut out a pinafore sort of thing- it just wasn’t working. Soooo, back to the stash- I pulled out another old sweater- this time a scottish cashmere, sort of icy green color, incredibly soft with only a few moth holes (yard sale- $2) and took it apart.

Here it is in pieces. I saved all the yarn that had chain stitched it together and reused it when I made my mini sweater. Below is the sweater in progress- I used the bottom ribbing (the part at the lower edge of the main body pieces) at the bottom of my sweater and also for the sleeve cuffs. I still need to put buttons on it.


Then there are the shoes… I am struggling here. The one pair I’ve made is not wanting to fit. I’ve resewn one shoe 3 times already. Time to start over… tomorrow.

While I was getting frustrated with difficult toddler dolls, I glued the wigs on, finished the edges on the jumpsuits, sewed on snaps and adjusted elastic- all the stuff that doesn’t really show in a picture. I am hoping to have these guys finished for the show on Saturday, so I have one more day.

2 thoughts on “2 dolls progress

  1. I think that this sounds more like you, no pun intended, but I told you that you were just working too fast on this kids. Your own pace is more two steps forward one step back, while this may be frustrating for you and not good for your show it’s great for us, the readers of your blog. It’s almost as we could see the proccess, all the struggle, and enjoy it. Thanks for sharing it… and they are turning great, really

  2. Wow, the dolls are coming along so well, and the green sweater is lovely! Thanks for explaining how you re-made the sweater!

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