2 cats

2 knit cats

I’ve got another one knitted but not dressed. That ring around the neck is just a piece of paper for her dress pattern.
I made the nose on this one in a different way- the orange cat has a nose made like a heel of a sock, the black cat has a nose like the shoulder increases on a top-down raglan sweater! -then deceases. Now does that make sense to anyone but me?! I am working on a third one, grey this time, and trying the sock heel method again. I like it better. I am trying very hard to keep track of what I’m doing in a notebook… that is really not part of my nature.

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  1. Makes perfect sense. I also hate keeping track of a new pattern. I usually wait until the end and then squint at the item for a few minutes and jot it all down.
    CO 80 sts & join
    rows 1-3 K all
    row 4 *K1 M1* repeat around
    row K all

    Good luck!