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I forgot to mention this the other day- I got a nice email saying that I had been nominated to be a featured website here at Indie-O-Rama. I tend to be a bit dense about this kind of stuff and I don’t really get what this is all about, but it looks like a new site geared toward promoting independent web-based art/craft businesses. I guess I qualify and I am very pleased!

Yesterday I went to the RISD Alumni Sale in Providence, RI. It was fantastic- the artwork, the crowds, the people. I saw Teresa of Sewing Stars. And I actually introduced myself! I bought one of her fantastic owls-


and her pattern book which I had been meaning to get, but forgot about. I am very interested in how different people put together patterns.

I was so pleased to finally meet Megan in person- I’ve been online friends for a year or so. I loved seeing her work too-



I also saw a few other people/artists I know that I wasn’t expecting- such a nice surprise. It was such a perfect day and I hope everyone made tons of money!

When I got home, there was an envelope from Eleanor- this is what she sent me-


does she have my number or what! She found it here at Microcosm Publishing, which she found via Zack’s blog. Thanks everybody, for being part of presents for Mimi. Now I need to go find something to attach it to…

Hope everyone is having a great Columbus Day week-end.

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely time! Lucky you.
    Have been just looking at your postcards and needless to say they are all gorgeous. Love them all.

  2. Love your work! Came to you via Whip up … the dolls are enchanting here. I went to your etsy site too for a peek, and noticed one granny doll sitting on a needlepointed chair. Could you email me… I have a question about that chair. Will be back to see what you cook up next in your dolls and lovely postcards!

  3. So great to finally meet you, your huzzzzband and your son! Would be wonderful to get together for a ‘proper’ chin-wag and show-n-tell! Thanks for stopping by & introducing yourself!

  4. i missed you! i was disappointed to hear you came by during one of the brief moments i dragged myself away from the table… perhaps the same moment when some woman came & bought up a ton of my stuff – that’s always how it happnens… anyway, i was going to tell you in person how in love with all the Boyfriends i am, but this little note will have to suffice!