the winners are… better late then…

Okay, drum roll please- first name- Diane L, 2nd- Shobana, 3rd- Shula, 4th- Kristine Hudson! I will email you to get addresses. Now, for everyone else- I’d like to send you a printed patch, so I will email you and if you want one, you can send me your address.

Everything got a bit too crazy here on the actual birthday. I ended up hardly being home at all! I added the names of everyone who wished me Happy Birthday, no matter what post they commented on, also emails, up to Friday evening, when we finally did the drawing. I couldn’t make myself do it- I had to get my husband. Otherwise, somehow, it didn’t seem fair! Then, the computer got unhappy and I couldn’t post until this morning. Everyone should have gotten their emails by now.
I had a great birthday. I spent the afternoon at the Boston MFA and saw the Edward Hopper show. I brought Noah with me to the museum, but never got a chance to take a photo. I had to run out at the end to go pick up Peter. I turned to snap a photo of the museum before I left. This is what I found when I downloaded the pics-


Isn’t that weird! It was NOT on purpose! Just in case it isn’t obvious- the sculpture is the man walking on a pipe over the entry driveway…

And, I got my very own Ipod… yes! I can’t wait to start downloading all the great podcasts, instead of having to listen to them on my computer.

Then, out for ice cream with Noah-


Isn’t that an eye-popping photo of a hotdog- yikes! Altogether a great day.

Friday, Ben and I took Noah out for iced coffee in the North End of Boston- and I took his sweater off. I couldn’t bear seeing him wearing it- it has been very, very hot and humid here-


This morning, I am off to Northboro for another day of doll making togetherness. Next week, back to my studio… ahhh!

10 thoughts on “the winners are… better late then…

  1. That is so great that you take noah out for having an icecream! It has been hot and humid here in belgium too!

  2. that is the most amazing photo at the MFA- I would have never been able to get my camera up to my face in time!

  3. I have just received mine!
    >> Thank you, Mimi, for such a lovely gift!
    Hard will be to choose where to use the printed patch…
    ; )
    Once again, happy birthday and happy all the other days!

  4. that really IS a great photo! award worthy, of some sort. looks like you really showed Noah the town!! good thing the ducks didn’t make off for him for good!

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