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There have finally been some nice sunny days after many rainy ones and that means that Ben and I head out for a woodsy spot to look for mushrooms. We haven’t had much luck finding any, but it is always a good excuse for a stroll in the woods. Lately, our favorite spot is bordered by a cemetery and I’ve been studying the headstones.

I always notice the unusual names- Adeliza

Amaryllis- (remember in the Music Man?)


I guess A names were popular for girls in the 1800′s.

There were a number of graves with oak leaf motif- something I haven’t noticed before.

The willows are more common-

The lichen on this one is beautiful. And on the bottom, the inscription says- Noble, Wise and Generous. I think we would all like to be remembered for that.

I love this one- great image and great name-

Ben had better luck finding mushrooms without me.

7 thoughts on “going along 2

  1. I love cemeteries and could amble around them for hours! How satisfying to see people who loved each other dearly in life lying for all eternity side by side. So many stories are on the old headstones too….well in Australia anyway. Some of them read like an biography, they’re fantastic. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one to see beauty in their silence.

  2. My paternal grandmother was named Azealia, as was her mother and her mother before her. I think you are right about the “A” names. Beautiful gravestone pics.

  3. You mean Amaryllis’ name didn’t end in ‘th’?? : )
    Your new room is going to be fabulous. And, the creativity is there. It is percolating. I can hardly wait to see what is brewing.

  4. My favorite gravestone ( in a New Jersey cemetery from the late 1700′s)
    “A word to those who pass on by/As you are now, so once was I/As I am now, so you shall be/ Prepare for death and follow me” Both chilling and philosophical.

  5. Please come to Forest Hills Cemetery! It’s right behind our house. If you haven’t been, I would be thrilled to give you a tour.

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