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Honestly, I am not sure why it has taken so long to sink in, but YIKES! I need to get some serious work done for my holiday season sales. It is probably noticing that the calendar now says November that did it. So, I am going to put aside any thoughts of finishing up a pattern for the owl or anything else right now. I’m sorry to disappoint, but I just haven’t been able to concentrate on it. And now it is November. I will go back to it when things settle down- probably in January.

I am putting together a fantasy trip in my head. Go to San Francisco next summer for the Renegade Craft Market and maybe teach a class while I am out there. Wouldn’t that be fun? Hmm, how can I make that happen? I am open to any ideas. My SIL lives in Santa Cruz and visiting there would be part of this fantasy.

I am suffering a tea cup shortage; especially ones suitable for snow scenes. You just can’t put a snow scene in a flowered cup. I’m going to have to go out hunting. And toile for my tattooed people. Finding the right fabric is a real challenge. The challenges and hardships of my art- yup!

And, btw, I should be getting those latest tiny worlds up on Etsy this weekend.

7 thoughts on “thinking about…

  1. Well, you can stay with me in San Francisco. I can be your booth helper, if you’ll have me, and you can teach a tiny worlds class through Urban Fauna. I also have blog friends down in Santa Cruz and a class down there is definitely a possibility. Presto, your fantasy = reality!

  2. Oh, focus on your holiday sales, Mimi, by all means. Owl can wait. If only there weren’t a big ocean between us, I’d happily help with your tea-cups and toile predicament. Hope you luck out at the thrift store. :)

  3. Wow, you work so hard. I wish I was as productive..
    Good luck and have fun finding new materials.. It might be a challenge but also a big fun part of the creation process :)

  4. Hi Mimi. Amazing how life just keeps rattling along and we always feel so busy. But, your work always brings a joy. I was just looking at the photos you posted of the tiny world class. I was sorry I couldn’t do this one – but I know I’ll get to one someday soon.

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