I left my studio

Yep! I went down to the beach in North Carolina for some brisk beach walks and salty air.

5:2:hatteras15:2:hatteras2There is cactus there. And people zipping around the water using kites.

5:2:hatteras3Lots of pretty beaches for walks.

5:2:hatteras4And lighthouses.

5:2:hatteras55:2:hatteras65:2:hatteras7Big dunes and bird watching.

5:2:hatteras8Did I mention that my daughter was part of the group?

5:2:hatteras9And then a very long drive in the pouring rain.

5:2:hatteras10The last leg was a train trip from Connecticut back to Boston. One of the things I love about the train is all the views of the undersides of the world.

5:2:hatteras11And I’m home! Hopefully I will be back to work soon and get some things finished up and posted. So much to do including the garden which came to life when I was gone. See you soon!

One thought on “I left my studio

  1. What a delightful excursion! It amazes me all the places that cactus can grow, even here in Indiana :-) Your post is a breath of fresh sea breezes.


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