Kitty #4

Here she is- Kitty # 4

black mohair cat

She is 16″ tall and made of mohair. I made her a little red crocheted hat- these hats were really fun to make-

2 hats

and here is the whole litter-


and a close-up of their faces.

4 faces

This is the last of making kitties for a while. These have been lots of fun to work on. Thanks Claire for this great inspiration. I can’t wait to see all the entries for The Month of Softies, when they are posted at the end of the month.

About the kitties-each one is slightly different. Four different noses and 3 different leg designs. I didn’t spend any money making these. They were completely made out of stuff I already have- Yes! Making the hats is the one thing that will probably carry over to my other doll-making.

7 thoughts on “Kitty #4

  1. They look so snuggly and they each have such different personalities. The orange one looks just like my mischievous real kitty! Thanks! They’re magical.

  2. Such great kitties–I love how you showed your process–please keep making kitties–1 and 4 are my favorites but they sure do need names!

  3. Sweat, a whole knitted family! I specially like the hats and the green button eyes of the black one in red skirt. She looks like she is really LOOKING at you! Have to check your site out now.

    Take care!

  4. I LOVE your kitties. I want to knit one for my daughter. I don’t suppose you could share your pattern (if you used one) with me! Thanks,Jenn

  5. Wow, your cats are so amazing!And the clothing details are wonderful. Do you sell them at all?

  6. Absolutely love your kitties. I found the site while searching for patterns for knitting cats. Can you possibly tell me where to find a basic pattern? Many thanks.

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